Swim England Registration

All Maxwell members need to register as members of our governing body, Swim England (formerly and still sometimes referred to as the ASA). Please click this link for details on why and what your membership fee covers (e.g. insurance, the ability to compete in galas (meets), discounts on kit, the training of our coaches, and the accreditation of our club under the Swim Mark scheme   https://www.swimming.org/members/club-membership/

New members signify their agreement to the Terms and Conditions of Swim England membership when they join the club, and renewals are administered by the club in January each year. If you move clubs, you can take your Swim England membership with you.  

Please note that the membership fees collected by Maxwell also include amounts levied by our SE Region of SwimEngland. 


Swim England Membership Categories:

Category 1 (for members aged 8 and under, or who are not taking part in galas (other than our own Splash galas)
Category 2  (for members aged 9 & over, who wish to enter higher level galas (meets),  including those wishing to swim with multiple clubs)   
Category 3 (for non swimming members - including club coaches and volunteers). 


Please check that your membership details (Swim England number, membership category, date of birth) are the same on both the Maxwell TeamUnify database and the SwimEngland database.  These are very important for entering meets - so if your details are not correct then please let us know immediately, as this may affect your ability to compete, or volunteer as an official / helper.  

We are also required to pass on to SwimEngland an email address (parent's TeamUnify log-in email for swimmers under 18), and address.


Message from SwimEngland re their Privacy Policy:

Here at Swim England we take our members privacy seriously and will only use their personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Please ensure your members have read the policy and understand how their personal data will be used.