Email sent to all members in December 2016:-


Welfare message - Keeping your children and you safe

Dear All


Please find below a few clarifications and pieces of advice from the Maxwell Welfare Team.


Maxwell expects all of its swimmers to behave in a manner that reflects well on the club at all times.   Our Club Rules and Codes of Conduct can all be found here on  our website, and these help us to safeguard not only your children, but also their coaches, our volunteers, and YOU – their parents/guardians.


The club follows the ASA's Wavepower policy, which details the  ASA's Child Safeguarding Polices and Procedures.   On joining the club, and as part of the ASA Renewal Process, we ask all of our members to register, so that we can be sure that we have up-to-date contact details and everyone has agreed to the guidelines within which we operate.   The purpose of this email is to draw attention to some specific points and ask for your help in communicating these to your children.  



Maxwell's Responsibility


Maxwell only has the resources in place to take “parental responsibility" for swimmers when they are pool-side during the hours defined in the Squad Timetable (supplemented by the monthly email notifying changes to this timetable).  At all other times and places (including the changing areas) parents/guardians are responsible for their own children aged under 16.


It is not the responsibility of your child's coach to supervise children in the changing areas, or wait with them beyond these hours.  If you will be unavoidably delayed when picking up your child please make every effort to contact another parent or the coach to let them know. 


If a coach or another parent becomes aware that a child has not been collected, then every effort will be made to contact you using the contact details you have supplied. If after a “reasonable period” no contact can be made, the club would be required to make contact with social services or even the police.   Of course this is very unlikely but please note that a child under the age of 16 should never be left unsupervised.



Advice from the Welfare Team


As described above, Maxwell has put into practice practical policies and procedures designed to keep our children in a safe, nurturing and fun environment.  Recent high profile press stories have shown the need for continual vigilance, so please help us by following a few simple guidelines:


· Do NOT share or go in and out of each others changing cubicles.  (NB As parents ourselves, we are well aware that for years the younger children have enjoyed sharing cubicles and communal changing rooms. However, in this day and age we have to recommend that they no longer do so, and if they do so against our advice, then that is entirely at their parents' own responsibility and risk.)


· Do NOT use your phones or tablets in or around the changing villages - EVER.   Messing about with a phone in the changing areas can be easily misinterpreted. Our advice is do not use a phone at the pool at all if it can be avoided.

Please be warned – if a member of the public reports suspicious use of a phone to any of the pool staff, then the Duty Managers at the pool are under strict instructions that the Police must be called.   Our advice therefore, is always make that “urgent” text message well away from the changing areas.


· DO be generally sensible and responsible in and around the changing areas.


Do please contact if you have any questions or concerns about this mail.


Kind regards

Fiona Manser