Maxwell Swim Club Ltd

Co-operative Bank Plc

Sort Code     08-92-99

Account Number    65812806


a) If you are not a Maxwell member (e.g. SPLASH Gala participants, meet entries from other clubs) then please make a bank transfer to the bank account above.  Please ensure we know your name, your swimmer's name, and what you are paying for

b) If you are a Maxwell member, then we ask you to pay by placing a card or cards on file as explained here.  If this is impossible then we wil need you to set up a Bank Standing Order on the 1st of each month for your monthly Squad Fees (and please keep it up to date as your swimmer(s) change squads) and then make a Bank Transfer to pay off all other items billed to your account in the same month as they are billed.  Please ensure we know your TeamUnify Account Name and/or swimmer(s) so that we can correctly apply the payment to your account.