We ask that all fees are paid by bank standing order on the first (working) day of each month.  

All other items will be billed to your account and you can settle the account balance either by Direct Bank Transfer, or ParentPay (i.e. credit or debit card).   See the "Pay Now" tab on the main menu bar,  with information / links to our preferred payment methods. 

Please note that you will not see payments immediately credited to your account, as this is a process that our volunteers complete.  We aim to process all payments within 7 days, and please do contact us if you have any queries.


If you need to check your account balance, and aren't sure how to do this, please look in the left hand column of this screen, click on My Account,  then My Invoice/Payment.  Look for the Total Outstanding Balance.       If you need more details of what is in this figure, then click on Current Invoice Summary and you should be able to see what has been billed this month.
Alternatively - on the App - you can go to Account Home, and Billing 
IT'S NOT ALWAYS EASY so Contact Us  if you are unsure