How to Join?


For younger swimmers looking to join Maxwell from swimming lessons or a swim school:

Free trial sessions, lasting one hour at Aqua Vale or Stowe School Pool are available by invitation only. Our professional coaches will assess individual needs and allocate swimmers to the correct squad, but other times can be arranged if necessary.  

We recommend that swimmers coming for a trial session are confident swimming in deep water. Ideally we are looking for swimmers who can comfortably swim a 50m Freestyle, 50m Backstroke, 25m Breaststroke and be able to complete four lengths without stopping. We will also look for a strong understanding of butterfly or at least dolphin kick, and an ability to push and glide off the wall with arms straight overhead and hands together, and good kicking ability!

If your swimmer is not quite ready for Maxwell, don't worry! Our coaches will be able to suggest what is required for them to be ready, and will also be able to supply information on where to go. Maxwell works in strong partnership with Everyone Active at Aqua Vale, and it may be that your swimmer needs to spend a term in their Learn to Swim programme or competitive programme, or with another local swim school or teacher, in order to develop skills and stamina before stepping up to the academy run by Maxwell.


For swimmers already competing:

If you are already a competitive swimmer with another club then the Head Coach will invite you to a free trial session at a mutually convenient time, which may involve swimming with the appropriate squad. We may be able to offer Top Up Training should you require additional hours.  Decisions will be made on a case by case basis, in conjunction with the coach at your home club.


To request an invitation to a free trial session please Contact Us.  We will aim to get back to you within 48 hours.  Please try again if you do not hear from us.

Note: If you already swim at Aqua Vale then you are welcome to make contact with a Maxwell coach to organise a trial. But please let us know via the Contact Us button to confirm your trial and ensure the appropriate admin is set up.

When requesting a Trial, please tell us 
- Your name
- Swimmer's name and date of birth 
- Swimmer's swimming experience to date 
- Where you are looking to swim (i.e. Aylesbury or Buckingham)
- Your email address and contact phone number
- Your Swim England number (if you have one and know what it is)


After your free 1 hour session your coach will provide individual feedback and if appropriate allocate an appropriate squad.


When you have successfully completed the trial session please follow our Registration Process to confirm your details and that you are interested in joining Maxwell. A member of the administration team will then contact you to confirm your place and explain the cost structure. This should be a straight forward process, but we are always here to help if necessary.  

As soon as you are registered as a member of Maxwell you will be entitled to wear the Maxwell hat!   

We look forward to welcoming you.