2023-24 Register as a member of Maxwell Swim Club Ltd.

Register as a Member of Maxwell Swim Club Ltd. 

Welcome to Maxwell Swim Club!  

To finalise creation of your account and/or register membership with Maxwell Swim Club Ltd., please complete this online registration, and discuss the various agreements with U18 members if you are registering on their behalf. This is to protect yourselves and the club. 

As well as joining Maxwell, you are signing up to register as a member of our governing body, Swim England. This is necessary for insurance purposes and entry to meets and galas.  If you move clubs, you can take your Swim England membership with you. If you are joining as a new member, you understand that your joining fees must be paid following completion of this registration and contact about this, prior to being able to engage in club activity such as training sessions. 

How to complete the online registration 

To get started you need to click on the continue button at the bottom of this page. You will first be asked to set up your account details (or if already an account holder you can edit them), and then add or confirm your member details and complete the online registration form, consents and policy agreements. 


Important Information:​ 


1. Account Holder / Login Email: This should belong to the parent, or person, who is responsible for paying the charges, and who will be accessing the account & checking their emails most frequently. We will communicate with you mostly via email - so it's very important that the log-in email address is always kept up-to-date via your SportsEngine account. 

2. Account Holder: It is not possible for both parents to have separate log-ins to the account. This is to prevent accidental overwriting of data or unauthorised changes being made. However, it is possible for copies of most emails to be sent to a second person (see below). 

3. Email Addresses: The login email address / account holder should always be an adult, as outlined above. It may be a good idea, however, for a second parent/guardian, and/or a swimmer if aged 16 or over, to receive copies of most emails sent out, for example regarding training changes, or events. If you wish copies of emails to go to up to 3 additional email addresses then please enter these in the spaces for alternate emails. 

(Please do not use the same email addresses as the login email or put the same email address in all the boxes as this can sometimes stop emails getting through.)  
Email addresses for swimmers (aged over 16 only) can be entered in one of the account email boxes, and in their member account (athlete email). Emails sent to swimmers will be copied to the login email address. 

4. Members: When you have set up the account, you will be invited to add or amend details for members, and then will be directed to the various consents that you need to agree, either for yourself or on behalf of your swimmer (member).  Please choose one of the following groups to register to as a member: 

  • Swimmers: Aylesbury or Buckingham Based Squads  

  • Coach (For coaches who are also swimmers: your swimming membership will be under your parents' account - you need to set yourself up a coaching account & member as well - see 5 below) 

  • Volunteer - Volunteers must sign up with 'member profiles' on registration to ensure Swim England membership is registered for.​​ 

​5. Coaches: If you are a coach aged over 16, as well as a swimmer with Maxwell, you will need a separate account from your parent/guardian - so that you can be emailed on coaching matters separately from your parents, and log in to take registers etc. 

6. Medical Information: Please enter and keep up to date throughout the year - any important information that a coach (or another responsible person) needs to know, such as allergies, medicines and any other information (including learning disabilities). Please also verbally communicate this important information to the coaches. 

7. Swim England Information: We need to provide Swim England with names, date of birth, sex, address, parent's email (if under 16). Members also have the option to provide their gender identity in their personal view of the Swim England OMS which access is provided for once we register you with the governing body. Any queries around this should be directed to [email protected] 

8. Charges & Payments: You do not need to pay anything during this registration process. Just click through to the checkout process where the balance will be £0.00 and you will be contacted separately by administration about payments, if applicable. 

9. Receipt confirmation: You will receive an email to confirm you're completing registration which will be marked as 'pending'. We will then approve your registration and club administrators will contact you separately with all relevant information. 

10. Privacy Statement: Please find our data protection and privacy statements here. To contact the data administrator please contact [email protected] 


Maxwell Swim Club Ltd. administrators are all volunteers, and therefore there may be times that we do not immediately get back to you.  But we will always try to respond quickly, and if you are worried in any way you can always contact us for advice.  If we have not responded within 48 hours please do remind us - as we may have been busy and missed your email. 

Don't hesitate to email [email protected] , if you have any queries.