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Support our Club! - Chairmans Marathon
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Steve Manser Email
Dear All

Maxwell Swim club has been giving swimmers the opportunity to be the very best that they want to be, for more than 40 years. Thousands of children have been coached by professionals and swim at every level all the way to the Olympics!

The terrible Covid pandemic threatens Maxwell's ability to continue to do such great work, more than any other threat in the Club's history. The disease has restricted our usual ability to raise money through Open Meets and there are no substantial subsidies or grants that children's sports clubs can benefit from at this time. So to continue our great work we need to be creative with raising funds.

As a part of this creative fundraising effort, I plan to run the London marathon on October 4th! If you are able, please click on the below link and sponsor me for a few pounds using the secure payment link. Every penny will go to support Maxwell SC Ltd during this time of crisis.
I will contribute £1 for every minute over 5 hours I take to run 26.2 miles - I have budgeted £250!!

If you are able, please support the children who can stay fit and motivated while having fun in this proud old club.

Steve Manser