A "Meet" is a swimming gala, where swimmers compete against swimmers from other clubs, and aim to improve their skills and check their progress. Maxwell runs 4 Open Meets per year. For more information on what a meet is, please look under the meets tab, for articles on What is an open meet and attending a meet.

For information on our upcoming meets, please click here


In order to run our Meets, we always need parents of swimmers to offer their services to be trained as ASA (British Swimming) Officials.

This will assist your swimmer and other swimmers in the club to achieve their potential by being able to compete at all levels.  As with any sport, volunteers are the lifeblood of our organisation.

The  training is provided locally and once qualified, you get a poolside  view of the action, free refreshments (often including lunch), maybe a seat, maybe even a t-shirt , but most of all a sense of  wellbeing for giving something back to the sport, the club and your swimmer!