How do you claim a record?

Records can only be updated if they are claimed. If you would like to claim a record, please send a message via Contact Us to be forwarded on to Ernie. 

Please ensure you give the following information so that the record claim can be verified:




Date of swim


Age on the day

What swims are allowable to claim records?

Records are recorded with relation to the swimmer's age on the day.

A club record may be broken:

At any licensed meet, level 4 upwards - Age 9 and over

At any unlicensed meet, such as Junior League, Arena League, schools galas, time trials as long as it is run by qualified officials, including timekeepers, and evidence can be submitted to the club  

When your MAIN club is Maxwell.  (For swimmers additionally registered with another club, Maxwell should be your main training base, and your training should be mainly undertaken by Maxwell coaches.)

A club record may not be broken:

At internal time trials except as specified above

Any external meet, such as schools galas, that doesn’t use qualified officials

On any relay leg

Split times from longer distance events

Converted times from short course to long course or vice versa


Note to 21st Century and Historical (Pre-2000) Records, 6th March 2020

As many of you know, in 2019 Maxwell celebrated its 40th birthday. The Club has a rich history, which goes back more than 40 years. In its early days, when the club was in the process of being set up and developing its own identity, it took the form of a “Hub Club”, whereby members retained membership of their home clubs, and represented the very best swimmers from a broad radius.  These swimmers would get together to train and compete under the Maxwell banner, producing some truly amazing individual and team swims.   This was an exceptional time for the club, during which we are very proud to count four Olympians & Commonwealth Games Swimmers. 

We recently heard from the father of one of our most talented swimmers from the first half of our history, Oliver Worthington, who submitted details of Oliver’s record breaking Age Group swims in the 1990s,  plus some details of swims by the hugely talented late Hannah Barnes at Commonwealth Games Trials in 1997. Not forgetting our very own Karen Rake (Izzy’s Mum) who was a phenomenal breastroke swimmer, plus Craig Gibbons who went on to compete at the London Olympics in 2012. 

We want to recognise these amazing swims from the first half of our history, but we also recognise that our swimmers now train and compete in a different landscape, sometimes under different rules too.  We have also found it can be tricky to track and verify historic swims as “Rankings” were not quite as accurate or detailed as they are today. 

Hence, it has been decided that Club records earned before the year 2000 will be recognised separately as “Historic Pre Year 2000 Records”, whilst the current club records are for those swims completed in the year 2000 and beyond  (“21st Century records”). This is in no way intended to undermine our magnificent past, or to disappoint our past champions and records breakers, but we hope they will recognise that we want to encourage our current swimmers and coaches, who so much enjoy becoming record breakers. 

Above you will find a link to the pre-2000 record breaking swims that we are aware of.  We are currently working on developing this list, and would be delighted to add additional records if any of our past members wish to supply details.

We do ask that all Records for inclusion in the 21st Century Records list are claimed within one year of being earned.  


The records are maintained by Ernie McDade. If you find any errors or want to claim a record, please contact him via the website Contact Us