Microsoft Teams Meetings

Lewis Baybutt

Please make yourselves aware of this following important information about Microsoft Teams meetings in the case that we need to have a video call/meeting with a group of members and staff (i.e. coaches).

This information is relevant to our members, not volunteers or coaches who use a email address.

If a meeting is required, a coach or committee member will set up the meeting and send you information allowing you to join the meeting remotely. 

In the email you receive, you will see a link that looks similar to the one above. To join the meeting you will need to click 'click here to join the meeting'.

Once you have clicked the link, the page below should open in your browser. Please remember that meetings work best in Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Firefox browser. Meetings do not work well in Safari.

Important GDPR Notice: You are advised to click 'continue on this browser' when joining the meeting. If you are already logged in to a microsoft app with your microsoft account/email, there is a chance you will stay logged in for the meeting and your email address could be shown in your attendee information/profile information. Therefore, you are advised to make sure you are signed out of or any other microsoft website/app online, then click 'continue on this browser' to join the meeting. You will then need to enter your name to display as your attendee information. 

Please remember that if you remain signed in when joining a meeting either via a browser or the Teams app, your email address can be made visible to other attendees. If you don't want this to happen you must follow the above steps to prevent this. 

Maxwell Swim Club Ltd. is not responsible for the visibility of your personal information if you decide to join a Teams meeting whilst logged in to a Microsoft account online. You have the responsibility of signing out of an account if you prefer for others not to see your email address.


Once you have clicked 'continue on this browser', you will be admitted into the meeting 'lobby'. Here the meeting organiser or a member of staff will admit you into the meeting where you can join others with conversations etc.

Upon the meeting finishing, you can click the red end call button to leave.

If you have any trouble with a Teams meeting, providing you are asked to join one at some point, please contact the meeting organiser or [email protected] for assistance.

Thank You,

Maxwell Swim Club Ltd.