Christmas Fundraising

Lewis Baybutt


During the current climate and difficult period that is COVID-19, our fundraising committee are going above and beyond to raise funds for the club through different platforms, methods and fundraisers that are fun and engaging for our members but also anyone else who wishes to donate. We have launched a crowdfunding campaign, but we also have exciting fundraising events and initiatives planned with lots of rewards up for grabs!


As mentioned, we have launched a fundraising campaign via the Crowdfunder platform. Our fundraising committee have worked extremely hard to make this possible and have worked on a great amount of rewards and incentives which are available on our page. They run out quickly though, so head over to our page to check them out! 

We would very much appreciate it if you could head over to our campaign page, whilst we would be overjoyed with donations, even just a share of our page would be greatly appreciated to help us aide the survival of our club of over 40 years. 

You can go to our Crowdfunder via 

Thank you to everyone who volunteered to be in our fundraising video, this is extremely benefitial to us when people view our page, it gives a sense of community and is a better way of advertising who we are as a team.


Christmas Quiz

This year the fundraising committee will be holding a Christmas quiz via Microsoft Teams. The quiz will be at 6:30pm on Sunday 20th December. If you wish to purchase tickets for the quiz, you can do so via the reward on our Crowdfunder. We will then send you a teams link so you can join the meeting.

There is going to be a competition for the best christmas outfit or jumper, so get festive!


12 Days of Christmas Raffle

Up until the 23rd of December, the fundraising committee is also doing a 12 days of Christmas hamper raffle. Members, you have been emailed information regarding donations for the raffle relevant to what squads you are in. We would really appreciate as many donations as possible to help us with this initiative.
If you would like tickets for a chance to recieve one of our fantastic hampers, head over to our crowdfunder to select them as rewards in return for a £3 donation to our £20,000 target.

Fundraising Committee

Thank you to all of our fundraising committee volunteers who have signed up and made all of this possible. You can find out who is on the fundraising committee by going to our Fundraising Committee page.

Contact Us

Contact the Fundraising Committee Group - [email protected]

Rebecca Ashworh - Fundraising Chair - [email protected]

Lewis Baybutt - Administrator - [email protected]