Reporting absences:

Absences should be reported to the relevant senior coach for a swimmers squad if they are prolonged.


Reductions in fees for sickness or injury:

It's really tough for swimmers (and parents) who cannot attend due to sickness or injury.  Therefore, if an absence is expected to last between 1 and 3 months, fees will be reduced to 25% for each full month that a swimmer is not able to attend any sort of training (pool or land).  

For absences expected to last longer than 3 months - please contact the Head Coach or Welfare Officer to discuss. It may be appropriate to suspend all membership fees for the period the swimmer cannot attend, and they may need to complete their rehabilitation in a different squad on their return, but this will be fully discussed.  

Similarly, where a swimmer can only manage some sessions (pool or land) then a programme of rehabilitation should be agreed with Coach and Welfare Officer.  It may be appropriate to move to a different squad (at lower cost) during this period. 

Requests for reduced fees must be agreed by the Treasurer & Welfare Officer, who have the right to request evidence from a Medical Practitioner before agreeing the discount. 

Please keep the club informed of progress each month, so that a return to full training can be planned with the coaches, and any cost adjustments made.

Contact details can be found under the coaches or committee pages

Reductions in fees for holidays/other reasons are not offered.

Please remember that Maxwell is a not-for-profit club, and costs are still incurred if you are off. As a club, we have to share both the costs and the workload, and we just cannot afford to adjust fees in circumstances other than those outlined above. Thank you for your understanding.