Current Fees



(University Membership is offered on a case by case basis to club swimmers living away from home, who wish to train during holidays.  £90 for the year)


Annual Maxwell Membership Fee: £60 for Competing squads, and £30 for Academy and Development squads swimmers who are not competing (reduced by half if joining between March and August). This will be billed on joining, and renewed on 1st October. There is no separate membership fee for Masters or University squads.  

SwimEngland Fees: These are set by SwimEngland (our governing body, formerly known as the ASA) and are billed 1 January.

Fees for 2019 will be billed in January 2019 and will be £14.20 Level 1 (aged under 9 or non-competing), £33.75 Level 2 (Competing).

For non swimming members - the fee for 2019 will be £5.20.  Maxwell pays this for active volunteers in the club.