More Information on Costs

When considering the cost of being a member of Maxwell, please do take the time to read About Us, and do take up our invitation to a free trial session in order to find out more about what we offer and whether we are the right club for you.  

For more information on how to joining our Club, please click here

As a member of Maxwell you will be asked to pay for:

Monthly squad fees

Annual Maxwell membership fee

Annual subscription to our governing body, Swim England

Compulsory and optional kit purchases

Entry to meets and galas

Optional swim camps & other events

Full explanations are provided below.  

The club does offer a limited number of bursaries in cases of genuine financial hardship.  Please contact our Welfare Officer, in confidence, for more details.


For info on how to pay please go to the how to pay tab.



1) Monthly Squad fees

Squad fees are set at the start of each annual swimming season, and are invoiced on the first day of the month. Our TeamUnify billing system will charge your squad fees on the 1st, unless you still pay by bank transfer and if so we ask that you pay fees by the first working day of each month to help our administration team and treasurer.

We offer a 25% discount on fees to siblings (25% deducted from the lower priced squad fee). 

Please remember that we are a year round swim programme, with only a short break in the summer. This means that our fees are calculated on an annual basis, and payable in twelve portions for your convenience purposes (including August when our reduced summer timetable is in operation). Hence it is not possible for us to reduce or waive fees when you are unable to attend training sessions due to holidays or other unforseen events, although we will try to help in cases of long term sickness or injury (i.e. out for 2 months or more).

A lot of people are surprised to know that monthly squad fees go nowhere near covering the costs of pool hire and coaches, so our volunteers additionally carry out fundraising activities - for which we welcome your help & support.    


2) Annual Membership Fee 

This covers membership for the swimming season, which runs from 1st September – 31st August, and will be billed early October, or on joining. (Installments may be agreed if required).

The current Annual Membership Fee is £60 for Junior Development and above and £30 for Academy Squads. Swimmers joining between 1st March and 31st August will pay half - i.e. £30 and £15.00 respectively.  

This fee applies to all swimmers, but is capped at two children, with subsequent siblings gaining automatic free membership.  

The fee will not be refundable if the swimmer leaves the club during the year (although in the unlikely event of a swimmer joining Maxwell but choosing not to stay during their first month with the club,  the membership fee will be refunded).


3)  Annual Swim England Membership

Swim England Membership fees will be charged on 1 January each year and on joining the club. This fee is levied by Swim England, our governing body. It provides you or your child with a unique membership number, allowing them to enter accredited meets and galas. It also ensures that your child is insured to swim with Maxwell, and goes towards the costs of ensuring his/her coaches are properly accredited and the club is professionally run.  


£32.75 for Category 2 swimmers.   (Includes £6 for SE region)
(ASA Category 2 membership is for all swimmers aged 9 and above who compete in any discipline in open competitions 

£14.20 for Category 1 swimmers.  (Includes £5 for SE Region)
(ASA Category 1 membership is for swimmers who do not compete in any discipline in open competition e.g. masters and those aged 8 or under).   (NB SPLASH galas are not o pen Competitions, so it's fine to enter a SPLASH gala with Category 1 membership )

£5.20 for Category 3 members ( (Volunteers, Coaches, Parents)
Maxwell pays this for our coaches and regular volunteers



Please remember that if a Category 1 swimmer wants to start competing, they will need to upgrade to Category 2 membership before they swim in any open competions/licensed galas (e.g. Maxwell meets). Please contact us if you need to do this. 

Swim England membership fees are payable on joining the club and are not refundable - as all swimmers must be registered with Swim England ASA immediately after their free trial session, otherwise they are not covered for insurance and may not swim with Maxwell until this has been rectified   

Please refer to Swim England Registration for further details - including how you can check membership records with Swim England. 


4) Compulsory and optional kit purchases

On joining Maxwell, you will need to buy items such as a cap, kickboard, pull buoy and kit bag. When your child starts competing they will be expected to wear the official Maxwell kit for arriving at the pool and on poolside. 

For more details on what and where to buy click here


5) Open Meets/Competitions/Galas

These are an important part of your child’s development as a swimmer, and provide a necessary part of the evidence that enables the coaches to allocate your child to the right squad.

For the Academy swimmers, we aim provide a number of “Splash” or development galas each year – which are designed to provide a gentle introduction to competitive swimming and cost only a negligible amount.  

As your child progresses through the squads they will be expected to enter Open Meets.  Maxwell runs 4 Open Meets each year, designed for various levels of swimmers.  We also attend a variety of Open Meets provided by other clubs – your child’s coach will be able to advise on which to attend and what events.

For more details on Open Meets click here


6)  Optional swim camps & other events

In 2017 we ran two very successful swim camps. The seniors trained in Fuerteventura for a week in the February half term, and we also ran a UK swim camp at Mount Kelly college for our juniors, and a 2 day camp at Green Park in Aylesbury for our youngest swimmers.  

We encourage our swimmers (and coaches) to attend County, Regional and National training days where selected, and our coaches run specialised Skills Clinics throughout the year.   

On the more social side, we hold an Awards Evening and a Summer Fun Day, which provide our swimmers & parents from all Aylesbury and Buckingham squads the chance to have fun and get to know each other.