Squads Structure

At Maxwell, our professional coaches follow the Swim England Athlete Development Support Pathway in order to develop swimmers of​thehighest level and maximise the potential that each and every one of our swimmers has. This is implemented throughout all of our squads from our Bronze Academy squads all the way up to our Youth Performance squads.

Swimmers that enter the club at a younger age or from the Swim England Learn to Swim programme will enter via our Academy. Swimmers focus on basic aquatic skills and further development of the 3 key strokes front crawl, backstroke and breaststroke learn in the Learn to Swim programme with the further introduction of butterfly as a development on dolphin kick. As swimmers progress through the academy they will begin to learn more advanced skills suitable for their age and level which will prepare them for the 'Learning to train' stage of the Athlete Development Support Pathway in our Platinum and Junior Development squads.

Moving out of the academy, our swimmers can choose to continue on the competitive pathway and enter the Junior Development squad to continue to futher develop and maximise their potential, or if swimmers no longer meet the squad requirements or wish to take a step back they can decide to branch off into the Age Development squad. Most swimmers continue on the competitive pathway here and continue to develop their skills in the 'Learning to train' stage on their pathway. Swimmers will start to experience more advanced training regimes in these squads with increased levels of fitness and aerobic work. 

Upon leaving the Junior Development squad, our swimmers can either branch off into one of our club development squads depending on their age or they can continue on the competitive pathway into the Junior Competitive squad. In our Junior Comp squad swimmers will come to the end of their 'learning to train' stage on their swimming pathway and move on to the 'training to train' stage where they will further develop more advanced skills but also experience an increased amount of aerobic work but also other forms of training and more advanced training regimes. Swimmers are expected to have a sense of dedication to their training with a positive mindset any many other positive contributing factors that form 'the recipe.' Our swimmers will continue this at a higher level in our Regional squad when leaving our County squad moving them further into the 'training to train' stage of their swimming pathway, preparing them for 'training to compete' for when they enter the Performance squads.

Upon leaving the regional squad on the competitive pathway, swimmers can move into the Junior Performance squad, moving them onto the 'training to compete' stage of their swimming pathway in line with Swim England's Athlete Development Support Pathway. This squad is lead by our Head Coach and will see swimmers getting more and more prepared to maximise their potential aiming for English Summer Nationals and British Nationals as targets. Upon getting older and continuing to improve, swimmers will move up to the Youth Performance squad where they will aim to maximise their potential further and when becoming older will move onto the 'training to win' part of their swimming pathway, aiming for international standards of swimming and competition.


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