Training Equipment List

If you are unsure of what equipment your swimmer needs then please speak to your coach before purchasing. 

Equipment for All Squads

The following equipment is essential for swimmers in all squads. 


Water Bottles

Water bottles are used for hydration during training. Swimmers should have 2 at each session

Kit Bag

A kit bag is used to hold all poolside training equipment


The primary use of swim fins is to develop a swimmer’s leg kick and is a good way of increasing a swimmer’s ankle flexibility. Swimmers often train with swim fins to help them develop their swim speed.

Kickboard (Short or Cut to Size)

A kickboard is used for specific leg training whilst keeping a swimmer’s body in the correct position, with their hips high in the water. This helps to develop a swimmer’s kicking technique and speed and can also help to develop their ankle strength and flexibility.

Kickboards should be no longer than the length of the swimmers forearm and so may need to be cut accordingly

Pull Buoy (Small or Cut to Size)

A pull buoy can help a swimmer achieve a more efficient body position as it helps keep their hips & legs high in the water and reduce drag. It isolates a swimmers body for specific arm pulling training, developing technique, speed and endurance as well as increasing upper body strength


Snorkels are a good way of enabling the swimmer to focus on their stroke technique without the distraction of them having to perform a regular breathing pattern, this helps develop a more balanced stroke. They can also help the swimmers keep their body and head aligned in the correct position.

Additional Equipment for Development & Performance Squads

This equipment is a requirement for swimmers in the development & performance squads; CD,PD,CP,P2 & P1

Finger Paddles

Finger paddles can extenuate a swimmer’s stroke, revealing its strengths and weaknesses. This makes it easier to identify the areas of the stroke technique which requires further development.

Pull Band

A pull band holds ankles / wrists together comfortably allowing the swimmer to focus on pulling and body alignment

Additional Equipment for Perfomance Squads Only

This equipment is a requirement for swimmers in the development & performance squads; CP,P2 & P1 when advised by the squad coach.

Hand Paddles

Hand paddles are used to develop their upper body strength as they work the muscles in the back, chest, arms and shoulders. They do this by stopping the water from flowing through your fingers, allowing you to perform your arm pull with more power.

Resistance Sponge Belt

A sponge belt is used to create resistance / drag when swimming.

These can be purchased form your Squad Coach

Short Fins


Short fins are used for power training and to improve the the leg kick.