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Norwich Swan Swimming Club is steeped in history with the club beginning in 1880. The Swimming Club provides the opportunity for all levels to be involved in the sport of swimming, from those starting out with Learn to Swim swimming lessons, to those trying to perfect their competitive swimming skills at a County, Regional or National level.

The club is led by a professional team of Coaches and Swimming Teachers, but the club would not run without our vast team of volunteers, all who work together to provide a positive, family friendly team. Our goal is to ensure that every individual is given the pathway to fulfil their potential and that every success is celebrated.

Over 100 years ago when the club first came together, it was about a group of like-minded people coming together with a common goal to form a swimming club. Today, there is still a common goal - not just as swimmers but as young people. Norwich Swan Swimming Club supports the holistic development of it’s swimmers to ensure that the club is a vital part of every young person’s journey and success.


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Janina - August 2020
Thank you for all you have done this week, and throughout lockdown. Your communication, consistency, enthusiasm and warmth has been just so important to our daughter, and I'm sure, most of the swimmers through this. She has loved getting back to training.
Jason - August 2020
My son and his friend did their first lesson back on Sat night at the Hewett, 7-8pm. I just wanted to give some feedback as I thought how it was run was excellent and the guys afterwards were absolutely buzzing – they loved the pool and more importantly, they loved the teachers and the lesson itself. Bearing in mind they’d been away for some time, they were concerned about their lack of ‘swim readiness’ but seems the lesson was just right with regards to difficulty and also it focussed on the technical aspect of the strokes which they really enjoyed.
Emma - August 2020
I just wanted to feedback from my daughter's first lesson since lockdown. She was really hesitant about going last night, after such a long time off, but came back totally animated & enthusiastic! 

The teacher she had wasn’t one she had met before, but apparently, she was great! Really communicative, supportive & friendly, so if you could feed this back, it would be appreciated 

Catherine - April 2020

I wanted to say how grateful I am to all the learn to swim teachers. When my son moved to Town Close he really struggled with the deep end and took quite a few weeks to finally overcome this new fear but the teachers and assistants never gave up on him and were constantly helping & encouraging him and with so much patience too. The assistant has been paramount in getting him to the point where he has now completely overcome that fear and has finally passed his stage 5 and is well on his way to passing Stage 6. So I just wanted to say a massive thank you to them all and let them know how appreciated they are.

Rachel - January 2020

My son has very much enjoyed his time with Swan and we would all like to say how impressed we are with Michael and Dawn. They have both been absolutely fantastic and he will miss them both.

Laura - December 2019

Please could you send thanks to Michael who has been our daughter's instructor. He is a brilliant swimming teacher and thanks to him she is now very confident in the water.







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