Norwich Swan Swimming Club

Norwich Swan Swimming Club is steeped in history with the club beginning in 1880. The Swimming Club provides the opportunity for all levels to be involved in the sport of swimming, from those starting out with Learn to Swim swimming lessons, to those trying to perfect their competitive swimming skills at a County, Regional or National level.

The club is led by a professional team of Coaches and Swimming Teachers, but the club would not run without our vast team of volunteers, all who work together to provide a positive, family friendly team. Our goal is to ensure that every individual is given the pathway to fulfil their potential and that every success is celebrated.

Over 100 years ago when the club first came together, it was about a group of like-minded people coming together with a common goal to form a swimming club. Today, there is still a common goal - not just as swimmers but as young people. Norwich Swan Swimming Club supports the holistic development of it’s swimmers to ensure that the club is a vital part of every young person’s journey and success.

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