Norwich Swan Swimming Club

Gala Checklist

The following checklist is to help you remember the items you will need when attending swimming galas:

  • Two Norwich Swan hats - named if you have them
  • Two pairs of racing goggles
  • Two swimming costumes 
  • Two towels (one for between races, one for after the gala)
  • A Norwich Swan white shirt to wear on poolside when not swimming (or white T-shirt) 
  • Shorts to wear on poolside
  • Flip-flops (or similar) for poolside
  • At least 1 litre of water 
  • Snacks for between races (eg. bananas, energy bars) 

For longer trips (away galas, or all day galas) you need all the above, plus:

  • Enough packed meals (high carbohydrate), snacks, and extra drinks
  • Something to occupy you during breaks or on the journey (mp3 player, book etc)
  • Money for contribution to coach costs (if applicable), or for food after the gala

Further information can be found below, but if you have any further questions speak to your coach (or team manager)

More Information

Two sets of swimming gear

Hats can rip, goggles can break, and problems can occur with costumes, so always have two sets in your bag!  It is a good idea to have two towels - one to dry yourself on poolside between races, and another to keep dry in your bag (or in a locker) for use at the end of the gala.

Norwich Swan shirt & shorts

At a gala we want everyone to be part of the team, and wearing team kit helps accomplish this.  We regularly have team pictures in the local press and want to ensure members of the public have a good impression of our club.

Flip-flops (or similar)

It is much more comfortable to be on poolside in shoes instead of bare feet and it also helps to prevent injuries.

Food and Drink

It is hot and humid on poolside, and you need to have sufficient fluid to prevent dehydration.  You also need to maintain and replenish your body's energy supplies by eating suitable foods.  The type and amount of food depends on the distance to the gala, and it's duration, but in general terms you need to be thinking of high-carbohydrate, low-fat foods.

Mp3 player

Trips to galas can be long and tiring.  There can be hours during galas (especially open meets) where you are not swimming.  The best swimmers are able to switch-off, and conserve energy while waiting for their race, and are then able to motivate, and energise themselves for their next race.

How to do this is a very personal issue - some people prefer music, others socialising, sleeping, or reading.  Think what will work best for you & go to a gala prepared...

What money do I need?

For coach trips we will frequently stop on the way home for food, so having some cash to buy a meal is an option.  Other people prefer to have packed food that they can enjoy on the coach.  This has the advantage of you being able to eat immediately after the gala & not have to wait until the coach reaches an appropriate stop.

People travelling on the coach are asked to make a contribution to the cost of the coach hire (this is normally a few pounds).