Norwich Swan Swimming Club

Gala Warm Ups

Listed below are standard Club warm-ups used for various galas (depending on the time available).

All warm-ups should be conducted after a suitable land-based warm-up that focuses on mobility and increasing blood-flow to the muscles.

Before swimming follow our land-based Warm-up Exercises or use our Summary

Stretching should not be performed at this stage - muscles should only be stretched once they have been sufficiently warmed up by mobility & blood-flow exercises.

30 Minute Warm-Up

Standard 30-minute warm-up - to be used at Regionals for example:

400m FC on 6:00
200m No.1 on 4:00 (100 swim, 100 drill)
200m No.1 Kick on 5:00
4 x 50m No.1 on 1:10 (FC & BC: 6-10 stroke speed burst, 3-5 Strokes for BR & Fly)
2 x 25m Max No.1 dives @ 2:30
200m FC Steady on 3:00

10 Minute Warm-Up

Standard 10-minute warm-up - to be used at Counties, Club Champs, and Team Galas:

200m FC on 3:00
2 x 100m IM Drill on 2:00
3 x 50m No.1 on 1:00 (Focussing on Fast turns)

This warm-up to be adjusted for slower swimmers - eg 1 x 100m IM Drill on 2:30 instead of 2 x 100m IM on 2:00

After Swimming / Between Races

After swimming & between races follow the stretching exercise routine: