Norwich Swan Swimming Club


Norwich Swan is a committee run club, where everyone gives their time freely to create opportunities for our swimmers. This means that all of your fees go directly into pool hire, coaching costs and essential expenses associated with running a competitive swimming club.  We do not run our club to make a profit, any surplus funds are there for the benefit of the club and swimmers.  Other than our coaches there are no paid roles within the club. This means that without the time, dedication and commitment of all our volunteers, the success of our swimmers and swimming club would not be possible.

Whatever your skills, interests or available time, there will be a role for you at Norwich Swan Swimming Club. Please let any of the committee know if you can help us in any way.  We are always on the look out for people to help in the various roles that are needed to keep our club running as efficiently as possible and to make sure everyone gets the best from our club.  This doesn't necessarily mean joining our our Committee, it could be helping with the running of Club galas, organising fun events, being on hand to take photos at galas and upload them to our website, the list is endless!

Galas in particular are so important for the development of the swimmers and it's also what our swimmers love to do - swim and race against each other! Maybe you can help on the door or with selling raffle tickets etc., whatever you feel you can help with, your offers of help are always gratefully received.

In order to run and host galas we also need people to train as Officials.  There is a structured training programme for Officials, from entering as a Time Keeper right up to Meet Referee and all the various roles in between, it is a fantastic opportunity to understand competitive swimming a little better.   It can help share the sport of swimming with your child as you learn the rules of competitive swimming which of course you can share with your own swimmer, encouraging them and supporting them with their own races.  

Without qualified officials, it would be impossible to run galas and your swimmer would not be able to compete. We always need parents/grandparents of swimmers to offer their services to be trained as ASA Officials. By training as a gala official you are helping your swimmer and other swimmers in the club achieve their potential by being able to compete at all levels.  As with  any sport, volunteers are the lifeblood of our organisation. The  training is provided locally and once qualified, you will always get a poolside  view of the action, free refreshments (often including lunch), maybe a seat, maybe even a t-shirt but most of all a sense of  wellbeing for giving something back to the sport, the club and your swimmer!

If you feel you are able to volunteer within the club please get in contact through either your coach or squad rep - we would love to hear from you!