Norwich Swan Swimming Club

Disability Officer


If you need to speak to someone about any disability or para issue then email our Disability Liaison Officer

Jenny Day

Contact Jenny via email





Finding your Swanability:

As a club, we understand that swimmers learn in different ways and some have extra swimming challenges they have to manage. This challenge may mean you have to concentrate and work extra hard at things such as reading the clock, following 'Go Times', processing a set, performing a stroke for example - the list is endless. You might even have a recognised disability.

As a starting point you might want to fill in the Medical Info/notes section and/or the Biographies section on the website. This will update your swimmer profile.

Please tell your lead coach or me that you have filled this in as they won't automatically know.

Whatever it is that affects your swimming, we can try and work it out together. We want to be an inclusive swimming club and together with your help we can make that happen.

If you are a swimmer or a parent and want to chat about something further please
email me.