Norwich Swan Swimming Club

Squad Taster Session

This January we are running some FREE sessions for our swimmers who have passed Stage 5 or are working towards stage 6 in Learn to Swim and whose teachers have identified them as being ready for Stage 6 and 7 in our Transition groups.  Come and see what swimming for Stages 6-10 is all about! 

This taster session is by invitation only. 

  • Saturday 7th January at Town Close 12.30-1.30pm

You must book a place as we have limited spaces on a first come, first served basis.  

(If you cant make this date then get in touch as we may be able to offer an alternative)

Please email [email protected]

and give the following information:

  • Swimmer name
  • Swimmer Date of Birth
  • Current Learn to Swim Teacher
  • Current Stage
  • Another other information we should be aware of

Swimmers coming from our Learn to Swim will be allocated one of the following groups depending on their age and stage.

To start in January:

  • Mini Transition 1 or 2 - for swimmers from 6-8 years who have passed stage 5 or 6
  • Junior Transition 1,2,or 3 - for swimmers from Age 9-11+ years who have passed Stage 5 or 6
  • Club Development 2 - for swimmers age 11 years + coming from Learn to Swim who have passed stage 5 or 6

Each group has its own page on the website with more information, including timetable, fees and equpment as well as the progression pathways. Please click on the links above. 

Any queries relating to moving to Transition Squads should be emailed to [email protected]


Swim England strongly recommend that parents and guardians keep children in swimming lessons until they have achieved these four water competencies. We will cover these in Stages 6 and 7 in our Transition Squads.