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Zeon Swan Club KIt Oder Window is Open

Swan Admin

The Club's Zeon kit shop is open for you to order Norwich Swan official club kit.

We would strongly advise you to ask your swimmer to try on all of their current items of kit while this order window is open as you may be surprised how much they have grown since our last galas in March 2020! 

This order window will close at midnight on 30th July*  The delivery has been scheduled to arrive in September for the new season.  

*Please note that no late orders can be accepted once the window has closed.

You need to be logged in on the Swan website to be able to access the Swan Club Kit Shop. If you haven't purchased any kit before you will need to set up an account to see the prices and place your order. The website is easier to use on a desktop or tablet, rather than a mobile device.

KIT UPDATE: We have updated the design of the Swan shirt for 2021 as the kit has been the same since its launch in 2017.  However the Committee felt we should be mindful that the last 18 months have been challenging financially for a lot of our families so we didn't feel it was appropriate to replace the entire kit.  The new poolside shirt has a modern sports collar design rather than buttons which make it easier to get on and off and we have removed the white bands on the sleeves which didn't always work very well on muscular biceps! The updated poolside shirt design has been chosen to tie in with the current poolside shirt so there is no obligation to purchase a new one, you can just replace yours as required. 

We have also introduced new updated shorts in a unisex cut with a shorter inseam.  These replace the longer boys shorts where we struggled to reach the minimum order quantities and they are also great for girls who may prefer a longer style of shorts. 

We have also updated the unisex skinny pants and the girls leggings which are in an updated fit and fabric. These items are all available from stock so we don't need to meet a minimum quantity to order.  

If you would like your poolside shirts, hoodies or jackets personalised (which makes them much easier to return when they get left poolside) please select that option when ordering.  To keep things consistent we ask for first name and surname to be used (and just initials on the jackets and parkas), no nicknames please.

We do not carry samples of kit but most items have now been purchased across the Club and swimmers don't mind others trying theirs on for size.  We do have samples of each of the new shorts, leggings and skinny pants.  Please get in touch if you wish to see these or to try them on. 

For any queries about club kit please email [email protected]