Swan Sponsored Swim Results!

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Swan Sponsored Swim 2019

Yesterday, we all headed to the Hewett for our annual sponsored swim. Everybody was trying to raise vital funds for our club.

Swimmers had 4 hours to swim as far as they could split into two groups over the day.

The morning session was for swimmers in our Learn to Swim group along with Cygnet, Challenge and Club Development swimmers. We were ready to go at 8.00am!

Our youngest swimmers (Cecelia, Isabelle and Isla, all age 5) swam distances of 400m and 200m. Swimmers from Cygnet, Challenge and Club Development swam distances of between 400m and 5000m. Cygnet swimmers only train in an 18m pool so 25m is a big jump for them. Some swimmers were in the water for more than two and a half hours! We kept going until 12.15pm to allow swimmers to reach their target. Around 30 swimmers attended in the morning.

The afternoon’s session was the turn for the competitive squads. Swimmers arrived nice and early so we started at 12.45pm. Distances ranged from 2500m to a whopping 14,000m! Lots of the swimmers stayed in for the majority of the four hours enabling them to beat last year’s total. Swimmers were achieving enormous distances and a special mention goes to Abi Staff who beat the club record reaching a huge 14,000m! The afternoon session also included Head Coach Stewart and Chairman Andy, swimming as a team to reach a total of 214 lengths, that’s over 5000m. I will let them tell you who did the most lengths..

It was great to see swimmers representing all parts of the club right from our ‘Learn to Swim’ section, through all of the 11 squads, the coaching team and even the committee. Ages ranged from 5 to around 21 (Andy Merrill).

Full results are below. Well done to everybody who took part. Extra thanks to all the helpers who managed to concentrate for 4 hours on an uncomfortable bench to count the lengths!

Don’t forget to hand your sponsor money to me (in a sealed envelope) by Friday 24th May. I will let you know how much we raised after half term. You can also donate online if your prefer through our GoFundMe Campaign


The rest of the photos from the event will be on the galleries section of the website soon...

Sponsored Swim Results 2019

Morning Session
Learn to Swim, Cygnet, Challenge and Club Development Squads.


Name Distance
Cecelia Blanchard 400m
Isabelle Wicks 200m
Isla Norton 200m
Benjamin Pereira 400m
Lawrence Taylor 600m
Joshua Rumsby 1,000m
Ruth Dye 1,000m
Zac Edwards 1,000m
Caitlin Frances 1,500m
Dylan Knights 1,500m
Zach Montgomery 2,500m
Olivia Hopkins 3,000m
Sophie Slinger 2,500m
Gleb Kulinsky 2,500m
Enya Flannagan 5,000m
Raphael Matless 3,000m
Julian Pe 3,000m
Saffron Binson 3,000m
Liam Jennings 3,000m
Iyla Addison 3,000m
Olivia Wicks 5,000m
Jennifer Cockburn 2,500m
Lily Cavell 800m
Isabelle Collins 1,600m
Isla Bedford 1,000m
Eleanor Lindsay 2,500m
Martha Bailey 2,500m
Hugo Blanchard 3,000m
Oliver Blanchard 3,000m
Phoebe Heads 2,000m

Afternoon session

All other squads, Coaches and committee members

Name Distance
Austin Taylor 10,000m
Abigail Riches 12,050m
Tobias Higham 10,000m
Mia Thomson 7,000m
Lorne Balfour 6,600m
Sophie Sparkes 6,400m
Rebecca Heaton 6,750m
Libby Johnson 6,500m
Isla Hamilton 12,000m
Millie Mizen 12,000m
Nicola Hinsley 5,000m
Dakota Flannagan 5,100m
Grace Webster 6,100m
Verity Hamilton 9,000m
Evie Knights 5,000m
Emma Dye 2,500m
Bethany Rumsby 7,000m
Jacob Hurst 4,000m
Jess Greengrass 5,000m
Amara Addison 7,525m
Ellie-Rose Lyon 10,000m
Hannah Jarrett 10,000m
Jacob Ocal 5,000m
Abi Staff 14,000m
Stewart Park 3,750m
Andy Merrill 1,600m

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