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Reminder of Club Changing Room Policy

Swan Admin

Changing Room Policy

Unfortunately this is a persistent issue and it has become necessary to yet again remind all parents, especially those with younger children in Learn to Swim and the Junior squads (Cygnet, Challenge) of the club's changing room policy:


We would like to make parents aware that they should not be in the changing room while the children are changing, unless their child is of an age where help is required from parents.

In such circumstances, the parent must use the correct changing room for their own sex/gender and their child must accompany them.

  • An adult female parent/guardian would use the female changing room with their child.

  • A male parent/guardian would use the male changing room with their child.

Once children are Aged 8, we expect them to change unassisted without parents in the changing rooms.  This is for the privacy of older children who may feel uncomfortable with adults present.

If a child requires additional specific assistance this should be addressed with the child’s coaches and the welfare officer at the start of each term.

Please refrain from taking any photographs in the pool and changing areas.  Mobile phones should remain in bags or pockets or have the camera function disabled.

Our policy is inline with Swim England child safeguarding policies and procedures, thank you for your co-operation.