Boudicca Meet Raffle - Tickets on sale now!

Swan Admin

Boudicca Raffle

For our L2 Open Meet with West Norfolk Swimming Club we have organised a fantastic raffle!  We have had the tickets pre-printed to sell ahead of the meet, they are £1 a ticket and come in books of 5.  The draw will take place on 14th July.

Swimmers in Performance, Regional Age, Senior, County, County Dev, County Age and Stroke Dev will all be given books of tickets to sell to friends, neighbours, family, work colleagues, team mates etc.

All tickets (sold and unsold) and all money needs to be returned by 10th July please. Please give to Abby Chapman, Carla Gilman, Lucy Hamilton, Miranda Taylor or Jacqui Munford.

A successful raffle helps us offset the costs of running this L2 meet, giving our swimmers the opportunity to obtain qualifying times. A club effort on buying and selling tickets is very much appreciated so that we can continue to provide opportunities for everyone in our club throughout the season. 

There are some great prizes too, so you may be a lucky winner!