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Swan Graded Gala Report

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Swan Graded Gala Report

What a great night of racing from all at Norwich Swan!!

A collection of Swans from across 5 squads took part in our termly graded gala held at Wymondham tonight. Swimmers age 6 to 12 took part in 25m and 50m races in all 4 strokes. Thankfully we had a lot of helpers on hand to support and encourage the swimmers.  

We started with the back crawl races, followed by breaststroke, then fly and finally front crawl.  It was great to see so many swimmers enter (and do really well) in the fly races. The speed of the front crawl swimming was very fast but more importantly, the skills looked excellent.  Streamline and dolphin kicks a plenty! 

As always, swimmers proudly wore their medals only taking them off to swim another race.  It was good to see medals being handed out to different swimmers for different strokes which shows we have strength across each age group.

All round the swims and skills looked really good, a really great improvement.  

A great big thanks to all the older swimmers and parent helpers on poolside (especially those that brought round the sweets!).  This gala would not have happened without your generous help.   

The results are on the website and photos can be found under the galleries tab.

What a great first gala for lots of swimmers.

Well done all. 


More photos: