Swimmers Swimmer of the Year 2019


This year we had 39 nominations, for 23 swimmers, from across the squads for the Swimmers Swimmer of the Year 2019 award. After the final vote, this year's winner was....

Name - Finley Coman

Squad - Performance - Sprint

Reasons for nomination - I'm nominating Fin because of how awesome he was at Nationals.

Hard work, discipline and determination to be National Champion. Trains hard every session and makes me smile and laugh a lot!

For getting to and winning at Nationals.

Performance at Nationals.

He has had an amazing achievement to PB and win a gold at his first English Nationals!

Won gold at the English nationals for 50 free.

Because he is only 14 and has worked to get to Nationals and won a gold medal.


Amazing results at Nationals.

Winning summer Nationals.

Name - Amara Addison

Squad - Regional Age

Reasons for nomination - Amara is a very talented swimmer who has a great future in swimming ahead of her. Her backstroke is amazing and I think she deserves my vote for swimmers swimmer of the year.

She won Skins and is a naturally amazing swimmer.

Name - Finlay Arnup

Squad - Regional Age

Reasons for nomination - Made very impressive progress this year. Growth in confidence as well.

Name - Rob Atkins

Squad - Seniors

Reasons for nomination - Always tries hardest to achieve in training and galas

Name - Faith Banthorpe

Squad - Regional Age

Reasons for nomination - Because she has been injured for a long time and wants to get back in to it and it is showing commitment and believes she can do it and she hasn’t given up. She has been super fun to hang out with.

Name -  Isaac Boyce

Squad - Performance Sprint

Reasons for nomination - Always hard working and encouraging 

Name - Ruby Chapman

Squad - Regional Age

Reasons for nomination - She has been a great junior captain, is kind and caring and always works really hard.

Name - Ruby Dagless

Squad - Performance - Free

Reasons for nomination - Ruby is a hard working girl and even though she hasn’t been in the club for long she is such a lovely girl and is kind to everyone.

Name - Jess Greengrass

Squad - Competitive Age

Reasons for nomination - Jess is a real team player who puts 100% into every training session. Despite her recent poolside injury, Jess still turned up, clumping around with her plastic leg boot on, at the Norfolk County Challenge Gala back in June, to cheer myself and other team mates on! And when she was able to return to swimming, despite being a bit afraid of getting back on the blocks, she conquered that fear, and made herself do it. I am really proud to call Jess my team mate and friend - she's a really good role model for not only her peers but younger swimmers, too.

Name - Verity Hamilton

Squad - Stroke Development

Reasons for nomination - She is kind and friendly to me and other children. She talked to me and made me feel included when I went to the summer swim camp and helped me when I didn’t understand things that I hadn’t done before. She was nice and said things like well done when I did something well. She is also a really good swimmer and wins lots of races. 

Name - Dylan Knights

Squad - Cygnet

Reasons for nomination - For being a great swim / gala buddy and making Lane 1 at Town Close so much fun. 

Name - Jess Munford

Squad - Performance - Free

Reasons for nomination - Very good at swimming and got to British Nationals

Because she is very inspiring. I haven’t been here a year but she has come so far in this time and is such a nice person too.

Being a great role model for the club and to other swimmers especially for going to British & English Nationals. She inspires me to be the best I can be and totally deserves this.

Name - Heather Mills

Squad - Seniors

Reasons for nomination - Heather is a great delight to be around she is always willing for a conversation and is always helping if needed. Heather always perseveres through everything she does. It is great to know Heather and hope she does well in the future.

Name - Niama Mohamed

Squad - Skill Development

Reasons for nomination - She has put in a lot of effort this year working to be better and persevering even if she thought she couldn’t do it she kept trying. I am extremely proud of her for moving up 3 groups already this year and I know that she can be even better than she is.

Name - James Noble

Squad - Performance Free

Reasons for nomination - Because he has really improved this last year and he has achieved lots including his first Regional time.  He is also kind and a good role model and a great senior boys captain.

I would like to nominate James for his hard work and dedication as well as his constant happiness & kindness he brings to the squad.

James has improved so much this year especially with getting three regional times. He is also hard working, kind and helps me with my maths during training.

Name - Harriet Pitcher

Squad - County Development

Reasons for nomination - Works hard in training  

Name - Abigail Riches

Squad - Regional Age

Reasons for nomination - Has worked very hard and achieved so much this year.             

The improvement and commitment to Swan.

Name - Charlotte Smith

Squad - Regional Age

Reasons for nomination -I would like to nominate Charlotte because of the amazing way she has dealt with having to come back from injury twice this year, and because when I see her she is always smiling! It meant a lot to me that she signed my cast when I had the same injury.

Name - Abi Staff

Squad - County

Reasons for nomination - For being inspirational in her determination, as well as being supportive to the younger children at galas. 

Name - Austin Taylor

Squad - Competitive Age

Reasons for nomination - I nominate Austin, as he really struggled with his asthma last season, but he’s kept trying hard even when he found it difficult at times.

Name - Lawence Taylor

Squad - Cygnet

Reasons for nomination - Because Lawrence has tried really hard this year, built up his stamina, and skills and isn’t afraid at galas anymore.     

Name - Olivia Wicks

Squad - Skill Development

Reasons for nomination - Olivia works really hard at swimming and is very encouraging especially at galas, and she was very inspiring at the sponsored swim.

I am nominating Olivia, because she always tries hard every training session and has improved a lot and is super fast.



Voting closes at midnight on Sunday 8th September.