• Swimsuits (as a rough guide, 1 to warm up in and 1 to compete in for each session). Racing suits are not necessary although many swimmers like to use them at important meets.
  • Goggles x 2
  • RSC swimming hat x 2
  • One towel for each session
  • RSC t-shirt and shorts.
  • Tracksuit bottoms to enable you to keep warm on poolside
  • Pool shoes
  • Drinks in plastic bottles (no cans or glass bottles on poolside)
  • Snacks for between races
  • iPods and mobiles are allowed but please ensure they are set to silent at all times. These are the responsibility of the swimmer NOT the Team Manager or Coach


  • Most galas have a signing in process whereby, unless you sign-in ON THE DAY, you will not be allowed to swim. Do not assume that because you have entered and paid your race fee you are entitled to swim
  • Occasionally meets will run a sign-out process whereby you will be down to swim unless you notify them otherwise
  • If you decide not to swim you must let the Coach who is attending the event know. This should be done as early as possible and is very important as they will not waste time looking for you/trying to contact you on the day. Additionallly, if a sign-out system is in place, the event organisers will have you assigned to a race unless they hear otherwise
  • If you decide to go home before the end of a meet it is very important to let the Coach/Team Manager know so they can withdraw you from any races you are down to swim later in the day


  • Take your swimming bag with you poolside as this is where ALL of your possessions should be kept at all times
  • Report to the team manager / coach when arriving on poolside and if you need to leave for any reason (eg changing/loo break) ask permission before doing so
  • Be silent at the start of races and keep still if you are near the starting area
  • Do not walk in front of officials during races
  • Be aware of when you are meant to be swimming and listen for instructions to warm up or whip in for your events
  • Before whipping in for your race, speak to Coach for instructions and ask for feedback afterwards
  • Keep warm between races by drying off and covering up
  • Keep the area tidy by keeping your bags neatly packed and putting any rubbish you create into bags provided
  • Where a warm down pool is provided, it is to be used for swimming not playing
  • Be supportive of your team mates – negative comments about other people's swimming are not acceptable


  • Eat sensibly in the run up to a gala – carbs are always important to swimmers to keep up energy levels. Too much fat, or food generally, will make you sluggish. Keep hydrated both in the run up to a meet and during – regular small drinks of water will help. Food on the day should be easy to eat and digest and it is a good idea to take food that can be eaten as small snacks rather than a big meal. Low fat sandwiches/bagels, simple pasta dishes, fruit/raw veg are all good options
  • Jelly sweets and lucozade are also popular but should be eaten/drunk in moderation
  • For more information:


  • Spectators are always welcome but it can be a very long day in a very hot atmosphere, so ensure you dress comfortably for the heat, bring food and drink, a cushion and something to keep you occupied in the long waits between races
  • Parents are not allowed poolside so ensure you pack everything your child will need in their bag
  • Generally you will be expected to pay an entrance fee, for which you will be provided with a programme of events
  • Try to be positive for your children at galas even if they don't swim well. You may feel you have wasted many hours but negativity will not help!