Good nutrition and a healthy diet are cornerstones of improving as a swimmer and getting the most benefit from your time in the water.

A healthy diet is vital to make the most of your time in the pool

So, what is a healthy diet. We all have our own variations but in essence it means lots of fruit, lots of vegetables, plenty of protein, picking complex or fibrous over simple carbohydrates, and keeping your fat intake low – simple!

OK, may be not simple, well not to stick to sometimes. But remember nobody’s perfect. There isn’t an athlete in the world that doesn’t treat themselves with a cake or two now and again. So if they can, you certainly can.

From the ASA Website

Or take a look a the following article, which gives information on

  • What to feed your child before and after training sessions
  • What the best snacks are to eat after training
  • The right food to take to competitions
  • Why a swimmers day-to-day eating plan is so important
  • What a swimmer should eat the night before a competition
  • When a sports specific nutritional eating plan should be introduced to a swimmer
  • Why staying hydrated is so important for training and competitions
  • What happens to a swimmers body if they fail to eat the right food or hydrate correctly during a competition

... and much more!

Another good source is from Anita Bean, a nutritionist who has regularly presented at County and Regional workshops: