Development 3 (Dev 3)

Lead Coach: Jacqui Taylor


Attendance Expectations

-          65-100% per month

Squad Criteria

-          Proven regular attendance in accordance with current squad guidelines

-          Commitment to competitive criteria as per current squad

-          Positive attitude, positive mindset and full engagement in all training sessions

-          Adherence to club code of conduct

Competitive Criteria

-          Team galas (when selected)

-          Club Championships

-          Level 3/4 open meets (*enter a minimum of 3 different strokes, where possible)

Promotion Criteria

-          Commitment to competing more regularly

-          Significant technical advancements in stroke techniques

-          Squad movements are at the discretion of the coaching team

Expected Equipment

-          Alignment Kickboard

-          Pullbuoy

-          Fins (Short Blade)

-          Junior Snorkel  

-          750ml - 1 Litre Water Bottle

-          Members Kit



Training Times

Development 3 (Dev 3)

Thurs PM

17:55-18:55 Rivermead

Fri PM

18:45-19:45 South Reading

Sat AM





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