Welcome to 'SwimSmart', a NEW swimming fact sheet written by coaches for swimmers eyes only!! Filled jam packed with ideas, articles and ways of moving your swimming in the RIGHT direction. SwimSmart is dedicated to bringing you the best swimming information featuring mental preparedness, technique/drills, nutrition/recovery, workouts, dryland, race strategy, preparation and lots lots more........ 

PARENTS: Please print this off and share it with your child/children.

Coach Lee Mallinson

  1. Win the Workout
  2. Yes, You Can!
  3. The Importance of Hydration
  4. Are you a good teammate?
  5. 10 Things to think about during training sessions
  6. Smart Eating for Swimmers
  7. Setting Goals
  8. The No.1 Reason AGE Group Swimmers Should Keep A Log Book
  9. Mental Skills 101
  10. Master Your Swimming Turns
  11. What If?
  12. Stay Healthy This Winter
  13. The Power of Habit in Swimming - Part 1
  14. The Power of Habit in Swimming - Part 2
  15. 10 Ways Faster Swimmers Think Differently
  16. Are You Thinking Too Much? Release The Pressure On Yourself
  17. Belief - An Essential For Success
  18. Where do Slumps Really Come From?
  19. Swimming With The Competitive Edge
  20. Beginning of the Season - BACK TO BASICS