Squad Criteria

September 2021

The criteria set out below are a guideline only. Personal development and circumstances will always be taken into consideration to ensure that each athlete in the club is given the best opportunity to succeed. The lead coach of each group will have final discretion when considering a swimmer's eligibility based on all elements of a performing athlete. In agreement with the head coach and coaching team the decision will then be finalised.

Competitive Development

This is the start of your journey as a competitive swimmer at Swim Bournemouth. The aim of the squad is to continue to reinforce and improve skills & technique. We will also teach the early stages of competitive swimming and training. There will be a focus on starts and turns and underwater phases will be introduced. We want a fun but competitive environment to be set.

  • There are 4 sessions a week on offer and the expected commitment is 3 sessions per week minimum
  • Age 7+ is recommended
  • Lead Coach:
  • Assistant Coach: 

County Squad

The aim of the squad is to be a County level swimmer. Building on what is learnt in the Competitive Development squad, the aim is to maintain and improve the skills & techniques for all strokes. New coaching methods and training sets will be introduced. There will be goal sheets and regular competitions offered.

  • There are seven sessions on offer and 5 sessions per week is the commitment to this squad
  • This squad is for 9 years to 12 years
  • Lead Coach: 
  • Assistant Coaches: 

County Youth

This squad will offer an opportunity to continue to progress to county or regional if progression takes longer. It's also a squad that will offer Fitness training (non-competitive).

There will be a continued focus on improvement of skills and technique. It will also have training and coaching methods offered. Regular competitions will be available to the squad; however, they are optional. This squad has the same environment as the others. Fun, hardworking and competitive.

  • There are 6 sessions on offer and 4/5 sessions per week is the commitment to this squad
  • This is a squad that will be for 11-16 years
  • Lead Coach: 
  • Assistant Coaches: 


The Regional squad continues the swimmer's progression in both technical and physical development whilst instilling a culture of responsibility and team work ethic. At present this squad will be offered 10 sessions a week including eight pool-based practices and dryland sessions twice a week, the purpose of this program is to develop the emerging athlete and as such a high attendance is required for athletes to maximize their time in this group. Swimmers will be exposed to the basic principles of training and coaching methods as they grow their skill sets in pursuit of bridging the gap to the Performance Squad.

Parent meetings, goal sheets and competition will help monitor the development of each swimmer as they start to take a leading role in their personal development.

  • This squad has 8 pool sessions on offer
  • To participate in the additional dryland sessions swimmers must hold an attendance of 75% or higher
  • Lead Coach: Neil
  • Assistant Coach:


This is the top end of our swimming club. This will be for Regional level & above swimmers. Like all squads this will have a fun, hardworking, respectful environment. There will be goal sheets and regular individual and team meetings. A competition planner with swim through and target meets will be advertised.

  • This squad has 10 sessions a week on offer
  • Agreement with coach on minimum number of sessions expected based on age & level
  • Lead Coach: 
  • Assistant Coach: Neil & Mark