Squad Criteria 2019/2020

The table below shows what the criteria are in order to enter a Swim Bournemouth squad. The table also shows what level of commitment and effort is expected of a swimmer once they are a part of that squad.

The criteria set out below are a guideline only. Personal development and circumstances will always be taken into consideration to ensure that each athlete in the club is given the best opportunity to succeed. The lead coach of each group will have final discretion when considering a swimmer's eligibility based on all elements of a performing athlete. In agreement with the head coach and coaching team the decision will then be finalised.

All ages below are age at 31st December.

Age Band Minimum Attendance Achievements Strength and Conditioning
  • 3 sessions a week
  • Swim England Learn-to-Swim Stage 7
  • STA Angel Fish or Shark Level
County Squads (Includes: Development, Potential and County squads)
  • 4-5 Sessions a week
  • 1-2 Morning sessions of which 1 is a weekday session
  • 70% Attendance
  • 1 County time
  • Variety of recorded times, one of which is a 200, within 1 sec of County times
  • Competing on a regular basis
Once a week
Girls 11+
Boys 12+
  • 5-6 Sessions a week
  • A minimum of 2 morning sessions
  • 80% Attendance
  • 1 Regional time
  • Variety of current times, one of which is a 200, within 1 sec of Regional time
  • Competing on a Regular basis in multiple events
Once or twice a week

Girls 13+
Boys 14+

  • 6-7 Sessions a week
  • A minimum of 2 morning sessions
  • 80% Attendance
  • 1 Regional time
  • Aiming to compete at a National level
  • Competing on a regular basis in multiple events
Twice a week

Squad Progression

The diagram below shows how the squads are structured by age and the overlaps between them. This is an indictaion of how you should expect to progress through the squads but as above is only a guideline and may be dependent on personal ability and development.

Ages below are age at 31st Dec 2020

Team Fit Squad

Team fit is setup to provide support for swimmers aged 10-18 seeking competitive development and fitness. The squad follows a structured programme of swim training and is coached by a member of the Swim Bournemouth coaching team. This squad may lead to competitive swimming but may also lead to participation in many other swimming related sports such as water polo, triathlon, aquathlon, swim-run, open water swimming etc. as well as maintaining fitness for participation in other sports external to the club.

The outcome of this squad is to maintain the baseline fitness and swimming ability of the athlete in a fun and inclusive way. Thus, ensuring that they can benefit from all the health and mental benefits swimming can offer. Sessions will follow a programme designed by the coach broadly following the Swim England Athlete Development Programme.

Athletes in the squad may not necessarily be entirely focussed on competitive swimming but enjoy taking part in the sport and want to maintain their participation in it. All members of this squad are Category 2 registered with Swim England allowing them to compete when and if they want to but competing is not a requirement to remain in the squad as with our fully competitive squads.

The squad also provides a clear access route to our County, Regional and Performance squads for those who may be coming into the sport at an older age, returning to the sport from a break or for many other reasons. This squad can be used to build up fitness, skills and techniques that can lead to a place being offered in our fully competitive squads. Our coaching team will constantly monitor the members of this squad and an offer to join another squad may be made if it is appropriate.