Club Kit

As of September 2019 for the 2019/2020 season we have a new club kit policy. For the majority of the club there are no changes and we have simplified the kit choices.  All County and Masters swimmers should continue to purchase the kit from star soccer as below. For regional and performance squads we would like to begin the process of phasing in new Arena branded kit.

Tasha Young is our Club Kit volunteer is now taking orders for the new Arena kit for regional and performance the new kit will be purchased in red. Eventually all squads will convert to red we will start transitioning juniors and county squads to red for the 2020/2021 season, again there will be no pressure to convert and we will allow the transition to happen naturally as kit wears out.

All County Squads and Masters

The items below are appropriate for swimmers in Juniors, ALL County squads and Masters.
They are available for purchase through Star Soccer.  Kit can be bought directly or ordered for collection, as well as kit personalisation.

Club T-shirt - £15
[Mandatory for team events]

Club Hoodie - £20

Star Soccer Supplies
Star Soccer Supplies
Unit 5, Yeomans Ind Park,
Yeomans Way,

Phone:01202 522519

Regional and Performance

Arena Tech T-shirt


Arena Hooded Zipper


PLEASE NOTE: There is no pressure to buy your Arena kit immediately for the 2019/2020 season. Instead we would prefer you wait until you need to purchase something new and then select from the new Arena kit list.

Arena kit can only be ordered from the Club. We will be organising several try-on dates throughout the year when you will be able to see the new kit and try it on. We have to order the kit in bulk which will happen several times a year.


Volunteers Kit

We now have Parent Volunteer T-Shirts for sale as part of the Club Merchandise, they are £10 each. You can place an order by emailing Tasha at [email protected] or samples will be available to try on at the upcoming 2019 Club Champs sessions in September & October and you can place an order then.

Rough sizing for the Parent Volunteer T-Shirts is as follows:



Vests  £10



Classic T-Shirt £12

Size Chest
XL 40”
L 36-38”
M 34-36”
Size Chest
XL 42-44”
L 40-42”
M 38-40”