Annual membership fees

Annual membership fees for 2023/24 are shown below. They are renewable each year.

Age / Squad Annual Fee
Age Group - 8yrs /u £60
Age Group - 9yrs + £80
Masters - Competitive £70
Masters - Non Competitive £50

Monthly training fees

Fees for 2023/24 for new members are shown below. The fees shown below are for new members and do not include the loyalty discount for existing members.

Squad Monthly Fee
Senior Performance (Storm) £139
Junior Performance (Riptide) £121
Senior Competitive (Whitewater) £97
Junior Competitive (Vortex) £97
Development (Reef) £60
Masters £60

All fees are payable in all 12 months of the year and are due on the 1st of each month.

This fee will be discussed and reviewed by the committee regularly. The fees shown below are for 1 September 2023 and onwards until futher notice.

The option to cancel your membership remains the same, 30 days notice via email to the Membership Secretary [email protected], please may we remind you that your account must be settled IN FULL to cancel membership.

Please note that one month's notice is required on termination.

Any queries regarding the monthly fees please contact [email protected]