SB agonisingly close to Inter Junior League Grand Final

Paul McGregor (Administrator)

Super proud of our junior league team who made the long journey to Norwich on Sunday. Great performance, spirit and attitude from everyone of our young swimmers. In a very close gala it is agonising that we missed the national final by one point but they will learn and be better athletes for the experience.

Final points:

Guildford 261

Co Coventry 209

Camden Swiss Cottage 156

Co Derby 152

Swim Bournemouth 151

Co Norwich 147


1st places - 6

2nd places - 4

3rd places - 8

No DQ's which I am always proud of with junior swimmers as it shows they are well coached!

SB top three finishers:

Boys 10yrs Med relay 1st

Boys 11yrs FR relay 1st

Ruby Hindell 9yrs 50 FR 3rd

Oliver Crowe 10yrs 50 BRS 2nd

Fredie Hodgetts 11yrs 50 BC 3rd

Millie Sleeman 12yrs 50 FLY 3rd

Cody Collins 10yrs 50 BC 1st

Halle Harris 11yrs 50 FLY 2nd

Hugo Young 11yrs 50 FLY 3rd

Jenson Harris 12yrs 50 FR 2nd

Ruby Hindell 9yrs 50 BC 3rd

Hugo Young 10yrs 50 FLY 1st

Halle Harris 11yrs 50 FR 2nd

Freddie Hodgetts 11yrs 50 FR 1st

Hugo Young 10yrs 50 FR 1st

Halle Harris 12yrs 50 BC 1st

Boys 10yrs FR relay 1st

Girls 12yrs FR relay 3rd

Boys 12yrs FR relay 3rd

8 x 25 Mixed FR relay (cannon) 3rd