Warm up Protocol:

  1. Make sure you’re in your warm up suit and ready to swim. 
  2. Be part of the Team Talk to start the day.
  3. RMAP Land warm up (Raise. Mobility. Activate. Prime.) 
  4. Pool Warm up.
  5. Get dry, put on your club kit – STAY WARM!!!  (Warm muscles are fast muscles, don’t let them get cold!) 
  6. This is a great meet to represent and be proud of our Club in Dorset. Let’s have all competitors wearing their SB hats to race! 
  7. RE-FUEL using your nutritious snacks + RE-HYDRATE.
  8. Eating on race day should be kept (as much as possible) as close as you can to a normal daily diet for you. This is not the time to suddenly change up our food intake and expect benefits. 
  9. Keep simple sugars to a minimum. Fruit is the best option, haribo etc to be used in small amounts, sparingly if at all. Sugar can spike our energy high but in its scramble to find balance our body will end up over compensating and crash to a lower level afterwards – creating a cycle of needing more sugar to pick back up. 
  10. Have a baseline of complex carbs such as pasta or oats – this will keep a steady drip feed of energy going for longer. 
  11. Drink plenty throughout the day.

Race Mode

  1. Race suit on (if you own race skins) after warm up – ready for the session.
  2. Performance Squad swimmers look to time your suit change to not be sat in a race costume for ages. They compress your muscles and are not designed for long periods of use.  
  3. Always talk to your coach before racing to get your tactics and execution set. 
  4. RMAP land warm up before racing – unless you’ve only just raced. 
  5. RACE FAST!!!
  6. Cool down – reflect on your performance. 
  7. Get dry and STAY WARM!!! 
  9. Talk to your coach for race feedback.
  10. Support your team mates and make some noise!!! 

Equipment Required:

  • Warm up suit – standard training costume.
  • Race Suit – tight, race tech costume (Optional for those new to competition)
  • 2x pairs of goggles. Primary + spare. 
  • 2x hats – at least 1x Club hat. 
  • 2x Towels – 1x for post-race drying, 1x for changing at the end.
  • Club kit – STAY WARM + REPRESENT!
  • Poolside shoes + socks – don’t lose heat through your feet.
  • Carbohydrate rich packed lunch with fruit / nutritious snacks. (Use high sugar sweets sparingly.)
  • Full water bottle.