Welcome to Masters, 

Masters swimming, for anyone 18 plus and above who wants to contiue swimming after comming through a club system, or for any adult who has taken up swimming and has reached a standard, where they want to develop there swimming skills and feel that would benefit from swimming in a club environment.  

Why swim with a club?

You have a regular time slot in your weekly calender to swim. 

Swimming becomes more socailable, encouraging, and engaging as you encourage each other to be the best you can be. 

You have the oppertunity to take part in master's swimming competitions. 

You have a set program to swim each week.

You can correct bad habits and develop your fitness.   

 Required Standard?

The masters squad is spread across 5 lines of a 25 meter pool.  The ability of the slowest lane is 6 100m of 2:30 repeatdly, and will complete around 1500m to 2000m depending on training session.  The fastest lane is cablable of swimming 6 100m of 1:45 repeatdly, and will swim upwards of 2800 meters depending on training session.  Most of the squad can swim butterfly, however many will subtitue with freestyle when it's on the program!

Coach  - we are in the process of appionting a new coach

Why compete as Masters swimmer.

I always liked swimming as a child, there was never an oppertunity to join a club, or compete competitvley.  As an adult I now take my health and fittness seroiusly.  Swimming is my best sport, and being part of a club enviornment has already enabled me to take 2 mins of a 400m freestlye swim!  It has also enabled me develop a positive attitude about what I can pyshicaly acheive.  I really like going to the masters meets.  The heats are seed so you get to race against some one who is the roughly the same speed as you.  Which means you can really imporve your times.  When I first started I was always in the first heat, now I can be in the 2 or 3rd.  I would really like to make it Nationals, that's the aim and there are lots of steps to go before that, and it's a great motivator.