Our aim is to encourage life long participation in aquatic sports.  Sessions are fun and engaging.


Welcome to Taunton Deane (WTD)

Our entry level squad aims to give swimmers a good footing, understanding and feel of what it's like being part of a swimming club.


Children will be able to swim 20m in 2 strokes and understand the basics of all 4 strokes.   

Stroke Technique 2 (ST2)

This squad aims to focus on skill development: force, stroke length, efficiency, balance, co-ordination, feel, sculling, speed, starts, turns and finishes. 


It is possible to join this squad directly from a swim school, our coaches will consider age, progression and current ability.    ST2 swim 2-3 hours a week.

Stroke Technique 3 (ST3)

This squad aims to build up training distances.  Members of this squad are introduced to basic land training with core statbility for 30mins a week. 


Swimmers in this squad will swim near to county qualifying times and qualify regulary for county championships. Swimmers compete regulary at our internal competitions and level 3 open meets.  ST3 swim 3-4 hours a week.


This squad that allows childern and young adults to develop their swimming and aquatic skills in a less competitive way.  If you are at secoundary school and want to get into swimming this would be the place to start.  


There is no minimum attendance requirment, however we encourage swimmers to swim in the club championships once a year.

Competition 2

This squad aims to develop the swimmers' skills and take ownership and responsibility for their training; run sets off the pace clock, check stroke counts, times and heart rates. 


Swimmers will be expected to swim 6 - 8 sessions a week, train in the mornings, and take part in land training (approx 6 hours a week). Swimmers will be typically 9 to 12 years old. 

Competition 1

This squad aims to develop racing performance and optimise physical development through key adolescent development phases.   Swimmers should be taking part in club competitions and open meets.


The minimum attendance requirement is 5 sessions, swimmers will be expected to swim approx 10 hours a week.


Our performance group sessions develop race performance and the Optimal Athlete Development Framework.  There is one group land training with core stability and plyometrics for 45 mins a week, swimming for approx 14 hours a week. 


Swimmers must be competing fully on the competition program, county, regional, national chapionships, and level 1 meets, and should be very close to getting qualifying times for national ( Wales, England, Scottish) and British Swimming events.