Welcome to Taunton Deane Swimming Masters Section

What is Masters? Our over 18s section is for swimmers and multi sport athletes who want to develop their skills in a group environment.  

Why swim with a club? Regular weekly swims, correcting bad habits, swimming with like minded people in a coached setting to develop your skills and fitness. 

Required Standard.  The masters squad sessions are spread across 5 lanes so there is space for all swimmers of all abilities and reasons for swimming, there are sessions for you!

Coaching - Jo Carritt

Compete as a Masters swimmer! There are many competitive opportunities internally and externally!

Masters Sessions Timetable 2021-2022:  

Tuesday 19:15-20:30pm ( TPS Pool, Jo Carritt )  

Wednesday 05:45-07:30am. (TPS pool, Marke Rawle/Jo Carritt) 

Thursday 19:15-20:15pm ( TPS Pool, Jo Carritt )

Sunday 08:00-09:00am  (TPS Pool, Jo Carritt NB this session is not always coached, but a session will be provided)


You can choose to swim between 1-4 sessions/week with the monthly cost being as follows:

1 session/week = £24 per month 

2 sessions/week = £42 per month  

3 sessions/week = £54 per month 

4 sessions/week = £60 per month

When booking, you will let us know which will be your regular weekly sessions. However, we are generally able to offer the flexibility for you to swap between sessions if you need to in any given week.

Annual membership £20*

If you are interested in joining any of these sessions please contact our membership admin, Shirley Grubb at [email protected]

*We offer Somerset RC Tri Club members a 50% discount on their membership, so it’s just £10 to register - please mention this when signing up!