Welcome to Taunton Deane Water Polo!

Welcome to the Water Polo section of Taunton Deane Swimming Club. If you can swim and would like to participate in a challenging team sport – then why not give Water Polo a go!

Please visit our facebook page  (TauntonDeanewaterpolo) for lots of information about the fantastic sport that is Waterpolo or email us on [email protected], as well as information on our teams - Taunton Waterpolo!  

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What is Water Polo?

Water Polo is an incredibly physical sport and is regarded as one of the most demanding of all team games. It is a fast-paced sport played by two teams in a swimming pool. There are goals at each end of the pool and the winner of the game is the team that scores the most goals by getting the ball between the posts.


Water Polo can be best described as contact football in a pool, in which athletes use their arms instead of their feet to throw the ball into the opponent’s goad. Each team has up to 13 players, of which 7 can be in the water at any one time. Players move the ball by passing it through the air to a teammate, or by swimming with the ball (dribbling). Outfield players may only touch the ball with one hand, however the goaler can use both hands. Platers use an eggbeater kick to stay afloat as it is illegal to touch the bottom of the pool (with exception of the goalkeeper who may stand).

Play is physical, swimming constantly throughout the game while battling an opponent for possession of the ball. Many top players start their careers as competitive swimmers.

Water Polo is a thriving facet of Taunton Deane Swimming Club. We compete at Regional and County level and currently run the following teams:

Mini-Polo     Under 13     Under 15     Under 17     Men     Ladies

All of our team apart from, Men and Ladies are unisex teams.

Our training times are as follows:

  • Taunton Pool, Station Road – Sunday 5pm until 9pm
  • Kings College, South Street – Thursday 7pm until 9pm

A free trial is available, please contact us at [email protected] if you require more information or come and watch one the session listed above.