The MeetTeam@WDSC is a great route into volunteering at Wycombe. There are a wide range of jobs available and getting involved couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is wait until job sign-up is available and sign-up to a time slot. Don’t worry if you have never done a role before; if you need training just contact us in advance and we will make sure you are working with someone who can show you what to do.

Getting involved won’t stop you seeing the action and it’s a lot more interesting and rewarding than sitting in the spectator seats all day.

Role Descriptions


Working as a team the marshalls are responsible for ensuring the right swimmers are delivered to the start blocks at the right time. It is absolutely vital in ensuring that we all get to go home on time! You will work from just before the session starts until the last race of the session - a typically 2½ hour slot. Working poolside or in the call-room you will need a loud voice and a patient nature for this rewarding role.


Working from the poolside room, the refreshments team keep the drinks rolling out to the officials, coaches and helpers so they can stay at their post doing their job. Making teas and coffees and distributing squash and water to the poolside, the refreshments team make a big difference to the popularity of our meets. Typically these are 3 hour slots covering the warm-up and the session.


The announcer is the public voice of the meet and is responsible for information and safety announcements, guiding the spectators through the races and co-ordinating the warm-up sessions. We will give you all the training you need; we just need your voice and your time.  Typically these are 3 hour slots and announcers ideally work in pairs.

Timing and Results

The results team are responsible for running the computer packages that run the meet.  Our results team manage athlete entries, collect times and display the results using the Hytek Meet Manager software.  You will need basic computing skills and a little knowledge of open meets.

If you want to take it further then in some meets we need people to operate our Swiss timing AOE (Automated Officiating Equipment) “Quantum”.  This is a great skill to obtain; good AOE is at the heart of all meets and always in demand.

Typically these are 3 1/2 hour slots from warm-up to the end of the session

Door, Medals and Sign in

These are vital roles dealing with the swimmers and parents.  Jobs include selling programmes and entry tickets, giving the winners their medals, and helping the swimmers through the sign-in process.  This is a great way to be involved and meet people. These roles typically last 3 ½ hours

Set-up and Pack-up

Before each meet we have to set-up the club’s equipment so that the event can run smoothly. Setting out the benches, mats and chairs, putting out signage, putting the pads and timing equipment in.  With a good sized team the task can be complete within an hour.

If you are interested in MeetTeam@WDSC then please talk to John Reed or Simon Shaw or email [email protected]