Wycombe Academy

Wycombe District Swimming Club Academy starts with the Bronze Academy, which forms an extension to the Places for People Leisure Lesson program and mirrors the lesson term dates, this is recognised by Wycombe Leisure Centre as part of their lessons. New members can join the academy, through either starting in our Stroke Improvers or joining any of the higher levels (Silver, Gold & Platinum), if deemed appropriate. Please note; The Bronze Academy isn’t part of the club.

The Academy Program is focused on skills development and development of stamina. In the Silver Academy Program swimmers are expected to develop and hold three strokes over 50m, have basic Butterfly skills and be able to hold this stroke over 25m. Additionally work is started on developing basic diving skills. Swimmers progress to the gold academy, once they are able to hold all four strokes over 50m and are able to carry out basic front crawl and backstroke turns in addition to demonstrating basic diving ability and basic endurance swimming. The Platinum Academy is the next step, for those swimmers able to hold three good strokes over 100m and able to hold 50m of good Butterfly technique. In this group swimmers are expected to be able to execute a good understanding of all four turns and competitive starts. Finally, swimmers are also expected to be able to swim 200m Front Crawl demonstrating good technique. The goal of our Academy is to ensure the best development of young swimmers and provide the right platform and foundations for swimmers to progress into the higher levels of the club.

Bronze Academy

The Bronze Academy is a "partnership" Squad that is managed in conjunction with the Pool Operator Learn to Swim program (PFP Leisure). The Bronze Academy squad is a "talent hub" where swimmers have to be selected; in order to join into this session. Swimmers are selected from varying levels of the lesson program and they attend the bronze academy in conjunction with their usual weekday lesson. If this weekday lesson is at Wycombe Lesiure Centre, Princes Risborough or Court Garden then a 50% discount will be applied to your bronze academy fee.

Silver Academy

The Silver Academy is the main starting point for club swimming at WDSC. Swimmers train twice a week and are usually aged 7-9 years of age. Swimmers join this group from WDSC Stroke Improvement Classes, the Bronze Academy or through attending one of our monthly trial sessions.

Swimmers will develop all four strokes to a further level whilst developing their stamina. They will also learn how to do basic turns on each stroke and will be introduced to competitive starts. Swimmers may also get the chance to compete in their first competitions whilst in this squad. Usually their first competition would be the WDSC Club Championships (held in September) or a local evening gala.

Gold Academy

This squad is the middle phase of the Academy program and this is where swimmers will work in greater detail on technique and stamina. The coaches will continually be working to enhance their skills, streamlining and competitive techniques. Swimmers will be expected to participate in varying gala’s.

Platinum Academy

This squad is the final phase of our Academy program – swimmers will have good technical skills in all four stroke by this stage and can hold those technical skills over progressive distances. Swimmers can demonstrate good turns and starts and will be entering more competitions that are spread throughout the year. Some swimmers may qualify for the County championships at this stage, depending on their development.