Wycombe Returns to Swimming

Simon Shaw

As you may have heard Wycombe Leisure Centre and Risborough Springs will be reopening on Monday 17th August. The club will confirm to you very soon what that means exactly for the pools at those venues and our swimming sessions once we have finalised details with the Leisure Centres. Importantly this means we can begin the process of returning to training for all squads. 

We are indeed grateful to be returning to any pool so soon after the Government gave the green light for pools to open. Several of our neighbouring clubs have not been so lucky and don’t currently have any return date to work towards and those that do, have significant challenges in securing pool time for their members. It is currently estimated that just 330 out of 1657 public pools have reopened and many pools will not be opening till 2021, if at all. We are incredibly grateful to Places Leisure and Buckinghamshire Council who have agreed on a way to reopen the Leisure facilities in our area. Saying that, Court Garden in Marlow remains closed, with no date to reopen it planned as yet.

After a lot of work behind the scenes we manged to secure hours at Godstowe school pool until the Leisure Centres open. This has allowed us to begin a phased approach to returning to swim and to ensure that our Covid procedures are sound. We are very grateful to the school for allowing us to use this facility. It was great to see a few squads swimming last week and several more will be starting this week.

A team of volunteers and coaches have been planning the details of how we will return to Wycombe Leisure Centre and Risborough Springs. We have the procedures ready and as soon as we get the final confirmation of the opening date we will be ready to return.

Some swimmers will have been sent letters about returning to training at Godstowe, these swimmers were identified based solely on the completion of our return to swimming survey; and if you declared that you wanted to return to the pool asap. Those members that didn’t complete the survey or declared that they wanted to return at a later date will not recommence swimming until our Phase Three return. At this point, we are planning to return all swimmers. If you indicated (on the survey) that you wanted to return at the start of the new season, that was noted, but we won't be able to hold your place for then, we will be providing for you from 17th August, and subsequently, all training fees will apply.

As highlighted earlier, pool space for clubs and individuals to train is now at a premium, the club cannot let pool space go unused when other user groups have limited or no access to swimming / training. So it is important that we utilise the space we have; to do that we need to know if you are not returning. Anyone who has not resigned from their squads will continue to be charged training fees until they contact us with the usual notice period still applying.

Our return to swimming phases are:


Phase Desc Date Venues Squads Virtual Training
1 Trial return 27th to 2nd August Godstowe Three identified squads – only swimmers declaring RTST Continues, but reduces based on pool access
2 Initial return 3rd to 16th August Godstowe Return an additional 21 Squads – only swimmers declaring RTST ASAP Continues, but reduces based on pool access
3 Main return From 17th August TBC WLC, PR & Godstowe Return the whole club Continues, but reduces based on pool sessions & Pre- Lockdown access
4 New Season 1st September WLC, PR, Godstowe Squad Moves & New Season Continues in some form based around Pre- Lockdown access
5 2021 TBC WLC, PR, Godstowe & Wycombe Abbey As close to the Pre-Covid timetable, as possible. TBC


Please watch out for "Return to Swimming Training" emails relating to preparing you for your return to swimming at Wycombe Leisure Centre and/or Princes Risborough. There are many proceedures to follow and all will be explained in a venue specific virtual presentation. You will then need to decare that you will comply with these proceedures and are healthy to return. It is essential that members watch out for these emails, You cannot  return to swimming until you have completed the training and declaration. Please also check your junk folders as sometimes they do find themselves in there.

We are really looking forward to welcoming you back to the club in a 'Covid-safe' enviroment. It's going to be so exciting seeing you all enjoying swimming again.