British Swimming Selection Trials - Day 3

Simon Shaw

DAY 3 at the British Swimming Selection Trials

On Day 3 of the trials three of our boys raced in the same 400 IM heat and all three performed strongly. Cameron Brooker (Bath NC) went into lane 7, with Jan Poulton going into lane 8 and Luke Ibbeson in lane 1. All three boys were outside of their PB’s, but all showed great resilience and strengths through the race.


For Jan (16), this was his only accepted swim from the entries he made, and he ensured that he took maximum benefit from the experience. He worked on his timelines, race prep and being totally independent over these last 4 days. Importantly, also getting the experience of the daunting process of going through two ‘call rooms’, alongside some of the best swimmers in the country.

Jan commented “I’m really pleased to have entered and swam - I’ve learned so much over these last few days and I can’t wait to race this race again, after some decent training behind me. I now know where I’m at and the impact of the last year”.


For Luke Ibbeson the 400 experience was far better than the 200 IM experience (on Day 1) as he said “I was more prepared for the 400, I knew more about how it was going to feel as the 200 IM was so hard, with it being my first race in 13 months. I’m really excited to get back to training and build on this experience”

Women's 400 Free

Ella Dyson swam in the 400 Free heats this morning and performed superbly well, cementing the positivity of the previous two days and demonstrating once again that her efforts over lockdown haven’t gone to waste. Arguable competing with the least pool training behind her (compared to the other known swimmers in her field) she did herself and WDSC proud. Swimming a time of 4:28.67 this placed her well and has given her confidence to get back to our home pool and train hard for future selection meets coming up.

Men's 100m Free

Finally, the ‘blue ribbon’ event, the 100 Free.saw Yusuke Legard swimming. He achieved a 49.78 in the morning heats which placed him 8th into the most competitive 100 Free final ever, in GB history. Four swimmers went into that final with times under 49 seconds, he knew he had to pull something significant out of the tank to get closer to the Olympic 4x100 Relay Team.

In the night’s final he did himself incredibly proud, he moved his PB on again and gained a 49.35 and moved up to 6th position. This is an incredible result. The fate of the 4x100 Relay team will now be up to the selectors. The fastest 4 men achieved the relay consideration time, but the selectors will need to fully consider the Olympic programme of their swimmers that have reached consideration times – they will look at what that would mean with their racing schedule over the week. At previous games the selectors have taken 5 to 7 swimmers - specifically for relay team alternates and resting their best swimmers.

Yusuke Legard

Yusuke (24) has been a member of Wycombe since early 2015 when he trained in Kevin’s Senior Squad leading up to the 2015 Summer British Nationals. He performed superbly and learnt so much at Wycombe before taking his training to Duke University in the USA. After a successful stint in their swim team and after graduating; he was able to join the “Pinnacle Squad” (Pro Team) at Virgina Tech University. Since this time he’s been training with renowned Olympic Coach Sergio Lopez. One of Yusuke’s team mates is Joseph Schooling (Olympic Gold medalist). Yusuke has progressed significantly with Sergio and his team of cosches, yet Yusuke loves coming home to be trained by Kevin, join the team and be back with his home club.

Day 4

Next up, Day 4 is a quieter day with Yusuke coming back for the 50m Freestyle, where he is ranked more highly than he was for the 100 free. Josh Williams and Josh Weston both have training sessions in preparation for their 1500 Free on Sunday, with Josh Williams also having the 200 Free.

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