Website Update

Simon Shaw

Website Update

We have now switched our website to the new look content management system provide by Team Unify.  We have been trialing the system over the last few months with Team Unify and we now believe the website is sufficiently developed to go live. 

The system is designed to be responsive to the platform on which you are viewing it.  The site should scale to your phone or tablet, but we havent been able to test it on every brower and there are some features that are still in devlopment by Team Unify.

Much of the content has been copied over directly and reformatted  so we hope you will quickly be able to find everything you need and itt should all be up to date if you spot any nistakes please let us know by the contact function. 

To Log into the website you need to use the small icon on the title section which will say Sign In and be located where the icom is below.  Once signed in it will be replaced by your profile picture.  If you have no profile picture set this will appear as a grey image as shown below. 

All your account details and all the swimmers data remains unchanged and the new website accesses the old data.  Event entires remain unchanged if you have already entered a meet your information will not be changed.

To access your account sign in or if you are already signed in click on the account icon and select "My Account" as shown below.  Your account will appear in the window.  

To view the website again click on View team website at the bottom of the menu or open the club website directly in another browser tab.

There is a new Members menu where you should be able to gain quick access to the calendar, useful links and team feed if you are logged in.

The site and resources will be developed over time - if there is something you would like to see or if you want ot get involved please get in touch.

Known Issues

  • When viewed in phone mode large images and tables overflow and cannot be scrolled.
  • The menu highlight on the top bar is insufficiently contrasting
  • Some news items have been lost
  • On Phones the full club name does not appear in the top menu when signed out