Bring Your Club to the Henley Swim Festival

Simon Shaw

Open Water Swimming at Henley

Wycombe Swimming will be attending the Henley Swim Festival on the 14th July as a club event. We hope to be joined by as many other clubs as possible. Open water swimming is an important focus for the swimming community and Wycombe Swimming Club are keen to promote it to our members and the wider public.

Why is it Importamt?

Open water swimming is the fastest growing part of our sport. Sport England figures show more than 4.1 million people swam in lakes, lochs, rivers and seas between November 2017 and 2018. The figures showed that 490,660 people responded that they had been swimming in the open water within a period of 28 days before the survey.an increase on the 266,500 recorded the year before.

Open water swimming provides an opportunity for many swimmers to enjoy and participate in the sport in a new way. When swimmers move on from pool competitions or off ot college and work they will often take up forms of  open water swimming and triathlon.

We believe participating in open water swimming via a swimming club such as Wycombe gives swimmers the best opportunity to develop the necessary skills to learn to do this safely.

Challange events like Henley Swim are becomming increasingly popular with the public and represent an opportunity for the growth of the sport. Over 50 club members swam last year, swimmers from all parts of the club with the youngest being 9 years old. There were even parents that took the plunge and got involved!

Why Should Clubs Enter?

This is the second year entering as a club and in the previous years we have had members enter individually and compete in the Henley Mile. Members have allways enjoyed the challange of the event and we felt it would help promote this type of swimming further amoung our members. Running it as a ‘Club Championships’ as well also brings out that competitive edge in our members.

Tthere are limited opportunities to race outside of the competition structure. With this being one of the best-organised events it’s a great chance for swimmers to hone in on open water swimming leading into the Swim England Open Water Nationals. The setting on the Thames is brilliant, and ideal for spectators. Other races are swum in lakes, following a looped circuit. At this event, you swim in a straight line and supporters are able to follow alongside cheering everyone on.

Swimming Clubs can read more about the packages and perks available at the Outdoor Swimmer Henley Swim Festival on Sunday 14thJuly here including the Inter-Club Championship.

Get your club involved.