Wycombe Swimmers Qualify for National Championships

Simon Shaw

So finally the Nationals Qualying window has come to a close and Wycombe Swimming now know who will be wearing the renowned Green Cap at the upcoming Summer Meets. The club will be well represented with a large team qualified to attend the competitions. There were plenty of highlights and stand out swims during the qualifying window, with certain competitions targeted by the coaching team to post the best times during this period.

The window kicked started with swimmers competing at our 4th Annual Premier Meet in March. The Wycombe meet has become an important meet in the swimming calendar with many clubs bringing swimmers hoping to stake an initial clain for a place at the Summer meets. 

This was our first statement of intent, swimmers preparing for the upcoming British Championships posted some season best and also personal best, notably Millie Sansome swimming a lifetime best in the 400 Free knocking 2s off her previous best. A 1-2 finish for Jan Poulton and Sammy Tucker in the 400 IM was also another strong performance from our 15 year old boys.  In the majority of age groups, Wycombe Swimmers were in the Top 3 which was a great achievement in a strong field of visiting clubs.

The next stop was British Championships and Portsmouth Northsea Easter Meet

British Championships saw over 20 swimmers qualify and the team had multiple finals every evening in Glasgow. Big stand out swims came from Cameron Brooker on the 100 Back, 200 Back and 400 Medley along with Josh Williams on the 400 Free and Ella Dyson on the  400, 800 and 1500 Free. All three swimmers were in the lower Age Groups from Junior International selection, but competed superbly; gaining vital experience ready for the summer and the 2020 Trials. Other exceptional swims came from James Baxter in the 200 Fly, setting a new personal best and ending up in the Top 8 Open 200 fLy swimmers in the UK – demonstrating that staying at WDSC for university at BNU, is working well for him! Tom Sansome, Millie Sansome, Jemima Hall, Megan Daley and Yusuke Legard all had fantastic swims as well.

At the Portsmouth Meet, all rested and ready to race, Wycombe swimmers smashed there way up the rankings with some swimmers moving from English Rankings into British Rankings for the first time in their swimming careers! If you are a betting person, speak to David Eddy. He predicted in his 100 Breaststroke he was going to swim a time of 1:11.7…. what did he go and swim… a 1:11.70!! The sun was shining all weekend and so did the Wycombe swimmers, the Boys finished the weekend as the Top Visiting Club and Girls 2nd against a strong City of Sheffield team.

The final ‘hit out’ of the Qualiying Window was the three weekends of Regionals. With swimmers in a hard block of training and racing busy schedules the fuel of being a Regional Finalists drove plenty of swimmers to race out of their skin. At the Age-Group weekend we walked away with 19 gold medals, notably after a long weekend of racing every event, Alex Cooper swam a huge personal best in his 400 IM which has flown him up the rankings and as a 13 year old in the 13/14 age group has qualified for his first ever British Summer Championships. Other highlights from Age Group Regionals was the amazing racing with Merissa Booth, winning numerous events and setting huge personal bests on the back of hard training. For the first time she went sub-60 in the 100 Free and a 2:08 in the 200 Free leaving her highly ranked leading into the Summer meets.

In total a team of 27 swimmers have qualified for the British Summer meet and 33 for the English Summer meet. More swimmers will get the chance to experience the meets as part of the 20 Relay teams that have qualified for the two meets.

British Clubs by Swims at British Summer Meet

Rank Club Swims
1 Millfield 140
2 Loughboro Un 123
3 Ellesmere Co 109
4 Co Sheffield 105
5 Mt Kelly 104
6 Plymouth Lea 101
7 Co Leeds 92
8 Stockport Mo 91
9 Wycombe Dist 86
10 Nova Cent'n 73
11 Northampton 70
12 UniOfStirl 70
13 Edinburgh Un 70
14 Guildford Ct 69
15 Co Cardiff 68
16 Warrender Ba 68
17 Co Manch Aq 62
18 Co Leicester 56
19 Newcastle 55
20 Royal Wolv 54

English Clubs by Swims at EnglishSummer Meet

Rank Club Swims
1 Plymouth Lea 96
2 Co Leeds 89
3 Guildford Ct 87
4 Wycombe Dist 72
5 Millfield 69
6 Mt Kelly 68
7 Stockport Mo 66
8 Northampton 59
9 Co Leicester 57
10 Nova Cent'n 56
11 Co Sheffield 54
12 Co Manch Aq 54
13 Co Cambridge 44
14 Ellesmere Co 41
15 Loughboro Un 40
16 Co Birm'ham 40
17 Hatfield 38
18 Co Oxford 37
19 Co Peterboro 37
20 Co Salford 37

Total Squad Size across both Meets

Rank Club Swims
1 Plymouth Lea 59
2 Loughboro Un 54
3 Millfield 49
4 Mt Kelly 49
5 Guildford Ct 48
6 Stockport Mo 43
7 Co Leeds 42
8 Wycombe Dist 37
9 Co Sheffield 37
10 Ellesmere Co 35
11 Nova Cent'n 34
12 Co Manch Aq 28
13 UniOfStirl 28
14 Northampton 26
15 Co Oxford 26
16 Edinburgh Un 26
17 Co Leicester 25
18 Co Cambridge 25
19 Royal Wolv 25
20 Hatfield 24

Figures do not include dual registered swimmers whose primary club is another club. Based on invitations issued in the first round