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Simon Shaw

above: The new pool at Godstowe School

We are pleased to accnounce that from September Wycombe District Swimming Club is to partner with Godstowe Girls School & Wycombe Abbey Girls School. This is an exciting development and is part of our vision to work more closely with the wider Wycombe community and the schools our swimmers attend. These partnerships will help to develop both schools' swimming offering by bringing them the knowledge and skills of our swimmming team to all their swimming team. They will bennefit the club swimmers that attend those schools by bringing consitency to their training across club and school. Finally they will bennefit the whole club by giving us access to new facilities and new members.

From Spetember we will partner with Godstowe to provide coaching to their Girls Swim Team in the mornings and afternoons. Nicky Matthews, our Head of Academy will also become the GGST Head Coach. We will partner with Wycombe Abbey to provide coaching to their Girls Swim Team in the afternoons, alongside our own squad training sessions.

The club has continued to grow from the start of tour development plan in 2012 and we have more than quadrupled in size, with a current active membership of more than 610 swimmers.

We’ve worked hard over the years to develop an inclusive squad structure that meets the needs of our swimmers and our aims as a club. Our club structure and our vision are unique because we cater for so many different ages, levels and abilities of swimmer.  We aim to be a groundbreaking club and like our swimmers we believe in sucess comes from allways working hard to improve things.

Due to the success in developing our club over the last 7 years we remain extreamly popular and need to continue to expand. In doing so we will give more swimmers the chance to become a part of our club and importantly, enable our existing swimmers the opportunity to continue to progress and access suitable coaching and pool time, relevant to their needs.

From the new season:

  • We will grow into some morning sessions at Godstowe Girls School
  • We will grow into some evening sessions at Wycombe Abbey Girls School
  • We are looking into ways in which to expand our Waterpolo offering at the Royal Grammar School

We continue to have strong relationships with John Hampden School and Wycombe High School where many of our team attend. 

The club is allways interested to hear from other schools who wish to work with us and our swimmers.

Below: The blocks at the new pool at Godstowe School and The Wycombe Abbey Pool

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